things stay the same; they change.

I went back to college last weekend for something that’s become a bit of a pilgrimage. I drive down for a reading, in the past couple years with a friend (who’s also an alum) and we take in a reading, along with a brief walk around the campus and then it’s on to eat dinner with old friends or professors, all enjoying the stories of who we were a few years before.

The relationship I have with my college is definitely love/hate. I felt mixed emotions about school the entire time I was there–living and breathing so many different emotions so rapidly. A lot of shit goes down in school–a lot of drama, a lot of growing, and lot of stupid decisions made in the name of experience. I quite literally fled campus (and the East Coast) to get away from all of them right after graduating. The first year after school, I was pretty bitter towards my alma mater, in some ways blaming it for the poor choices I made a long the way. I think beyond that, I felt as though despite all its promises of a long and tender relationship, it seemed that once I walked across the stage for my diploma, the cord was promptly cut and all nourishment and love immediately ended. I felt lied to, abandoned. The truths about love and life and poetry did not seem as illustrious when sleeping on a mattress on the floor of a Houston apartment. Continue reading

is this my calling? Like Noah and the Ark?

Although a slacker/procrastinator, I’m also a perfectionist. If I’m involved in a project that involves leadership, I am the leader. If it’s something creative, I go all out in creating. I take art and aesthetic very seriously, even if it’s a simple stupid construction paper and magazine cut out collage. This doesn’t always mean what I produce is fantastic, but, well, it’s the best I’ve got. Continue reading

This is how you spell “I love you”

It’s Saturday morning and I’m up before Donnie due to an early morning asthma attack. Although that was not fun, I’m glad to be awake, enjoying the sunshine spilling through the windows in the living room. We’re hopefully off to Ocean City today, maybe spending the night down there (thanks for Tim for allowing us access to their condo…). Continue reading

a fine line.

So, there’s this gas station that I go to nearby work–prices are fairly reasonable and it’s the least out-of-the-way place outside of Camden (there’s one station in Camden; they don’t display their prices on a large sign like every other place I’ve ever been so you don’t realize they’re 10 cents higher than the local/national average until it’s too late). Another plus is that the service is good and the men who work there are all very nice. Continue reading

What they don’t tell you about Alzheimer’s

So, everyone is well aware of the forgetting, but less mentioned is the tendencies of collecting or hoarding.

This is something that we are all too familiar with in my family–just look in my mom’s handbag and you’ll see the things that she especially likes to collect. Generally, it’s yarn or crocheting needles (before the disease advanced to where it is now, she was incredibly crafty and a few years ago, she was able to still at least make little doily-like circles. Now she just twirls the crocheting needle around a piece of tangled yarn). For whatever reason, a newer obsession has been toothbrushes. Leave one in plain sight and leave the area and consider it as good as gone. I’ve made this mistake many times, most recently last weekend. Continue reading