holy productiveness, Batman!

After weeks/months/years(?) of putting it off and putting it off, I’m FINALLY officially on to rewriting book 2 of my thesis. I’m amazed at how much I got done tonight… granted, I wrote myself into a bit of a corner (for now) and the whole time I’m thinking “Does this make sense?” “Should I edit it down?” “How will this work with the flow of book I?” but I was still successful in telling myself to power through it enough to get about 4 pages and 1000+ words written.

And that is usually the hardest part. Continue reading

Swimming in it.

Dear God, I’m swimming in the busy right now… I hate to neglect this one outlet for writing that I’m trying to keep up with, but I’m currently in the middle of daily production hell. Basically, for any of you who have ever attended a conference that offered a handy little paper to let you know what happened each day, you can now know that booklet is the product of hours and hours of session attending, quote grabbing, weeks of pre-writing, incessant editing, and lots and lots of alcohol. Continue reading


so, today is Mother’s Day. I’ve felt pretty ambivalent about this holiday–not because I don’t love my mother, or other mothers for that matter, but I guess it’s beginning to feel kind of pointless to celebrate these holidays at all. The days have no real significance for my mom anymore–she knows her routine and she will go along with whatever changes that we make to it, but the reasons why are generally lost. Continue reading

Home is Where the Heart Aches.

I’m currently working on my latest work project: getting articles pre-written for a nursing conference my group will be covering in DC next week.

Right now I’m writing up bios for committee members, essentially reading their CVs and their mission statements about why being a nurse is so important to them.

I can’t help but feel a little sad while working on this. Before getting sick, my mom was an RN for 20+ years. She loved her job and loved working with people and loved giving nursely (yeah, I made that word up) advice. Continue reading