Pardon me while I have a tantrum…

It almost seems inevitable that Mondays will induce a “case of the Mondays”–sluggish behavior, frustration, sensitivity to less-than-ideal situations. Most Mondays, I am willing to accept this and am almost more accommodating to the bullshit, because this day of the week is the universal day of “I don’t want to be doing what I’m doing right now.” There is a solidarity to it, a sort of zen. I can usually coast through Mondays with that global reassurance and an extra cup of tea.

But today was just not one of those days. Today I had a massive case of the OMFG-NO-FAIRS, coupled with I SHOULDN’T EVEN BE HERE TODAY. Continue reading

hanging on the coattails of relevancy

Donnie’s early birthday gift (a Wii system) has provided hours of entertainment for him and me. While I slipped into a 2-week long obsession with Super Mario Bros. 3, D loaded up the “play now” queue on Netflix and went to town watching everything he ever wanted and didn’t really want to watch. Continue reading


The World Cup starts tomorrow, and although we won’t be able to make it to S. Africa in the flesh, I will happily be following along on my couch, in random bars, and various apartments and houses, surrounded by dear friends.

Today Norris (he loves when I name drop him in my blog), asked my opinions on how things will shake down, specifically with the US. I’ve been thinking about it, but not really thinking about it: I’m not usually one for predictions, but as I started to look more closely at their group and the other groups and once I found this bracket, I figured, “oh, why the hell not? It’d be fun to be right, and it’d be interesting to see how wrong I am.” Plus, I thought it might be fun to see what others had to say about it… Continue reading

But it was not your fault, but mine and it was your heart on the line…

Every so often a song comes along that breaks my heart and makes me fall in love all at the same time. I then take to obsessively listening to said song on repeat for hours, days, weeks, pushing my heart to the point of absolute explosion. Continue reading

It Happened Here.

There are a few stories that have become staples in my repertoire. It seems that whenever I’m introduced to a new group or new friend, these are the tales that are told to break the ice, get a laugh, solidify friendship. I ended up telling it again recently for my new coworkers. Later, I wondered how many times I’ve actually told it, and then I thought maybe I should actually write it down, once and for all… Continue reading

Meet me in Montauk

We’re working on the next Bulletin Board at work and in honor of June, we’re doing a whole thing on weddings. It’s funny to see the people you work with submit these really sweet photos and write ups about their wedding, their life, their significant other. The coworker who I do the BB with has been getting all excited about wedding stuff, and it’s infected me. I’ve spent a good portion of this afternoon getting sentimental about my own wedding. Some coworkers and I have been sharing things back and forth via email, and I keep looking up photos and links to songs to send, and finally I decided I would post some stuff here, because isn’t that what this blog is for, anyway?

So, enjoy my mushy, gushy trip down Memory Lane. I certainly did. 🙂

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