just like that.

After doing not one, but two back-to-back yoga classes after a 2-week hiatus, I was feeling pretty good about myself, about life. An old friend joined me for both classes and we got to catch up a little outside class. I heard some good road tunes on the drive home–my endorphins were high and felt damn good. Nothing could touch me as I made my way to my apartment, to my husband, the shower, the bed.

And then I saw the sign in the elevator. Continue reading


For those following my blog, the two missing in the Delaware River were recovered, though not alive. Although I wish they could have met a kinder fate, I hope that their families can find some peace by having their bodies returned to them.

The restlessness I was feeling about this incident has subsided since the two were found. It was not the most ideal end to this tragedy, but I am glad that the families and friends can grieve with a sense of closure. And, to be self-centered, I am thankful that I won’t have to pass by the water and feel the unresolved sadness I felt the days before the two were found. Life is now allowed to go on, although it will not be that easy for some… Continue reading