Weekend Musings in the Key of C

Catfish. I had intended to stay late longer at work on Friday, but by 2 p.m. I was hurriedly packing up my things and promising myself that I would finish up the things I was hoping to finish at home. (Big shock that that has yet to happen, but I still have some time…).

I held true to my usual post-Friday work routine and got my sushi lunch special at Kabuki, then headed over to Barnes and Noble, where I enjoyed browsing the mindless celebrity gossip magazines ’til D got done work.

We decided to go see a movie and since I just finished reading a fairly positive review, decided to take in Catfish at the Ritz East. This is probably my favorite theater in the area; I love how the seats are reminiscent of old cushy barcaloungers, well worn in grandparents’ living rooms and dens.

I really enjoyed this documentary, although after reading more about it, began to question its sincerity. Not to divulge too much about the film (the tagline is “don’t let anyone tell you what it is”), but considering its premise, it would be pretty ironic/disheartening if the filmmakers weren’t totally upfront in how much they knew (or didn’t) about their online friends…

Creamy Acres. D and I decided to get underway in fall activities by taking a trip to Creamy Acres. We walked around the pseudo “petting zoo” area, walked through the corn maze, and then took a hayride to the pumpkin patch to “pick” pumpkins (they were already picked/kind of just tossed in the field for you to select…). All in all it was a good time, although it was a bit too hot to really be partaking in those activities (90+ degree weather is not ideal when trouncing around in a cornfield maze).

Culinary Pursuits. We ate at the Mexican Post in Old City after seeing Catfish on Friday and had a pretty tasty/reasonable meal. I was most excited for the strawberry margaritas and definitely was feeling good after my 2nd one.

After a very down-on-the-farm kind of day, we made our way to Cracker Barrel, for some dumplings and breakfast goodies. As silly as it sounds, Cracker Barrel is one of me and D’s “spots”: while roadtripping me back to the East Coast when I moved home, we pretty much stopped in one in every state along the way, and now whenever we travel, we try to hit up a new one.  Unfortunately, D came down with a pretty severe migraine, so we had to cut our late lunch short. Then, after getting home, I got hit with a severe allergy attack, so we both spent yesterday evening looking and feeling miserable.

We still managed to make our way to Wegmans last night. The crowd there at 9 p.m. on a Saturday is pretty interesting… I think most of us were avoiding eye contact with each other because we knew it was 9 p.m. on a Saturday and this is where we were spending our evening. That, and I didn’t want anyone to look directly into my watery, allergy-red eyes.

Today we made some of our Sunday-football staples: onion dip with veggie chips & edamame hummus with mozzarella on a toasted baguette. And although there were no nachos (although we did purchase everything to make them), I ended up my garlic potatoes for D since he’s been craving them.

I’ve actually been a little uninspired to cook recently, but I went through my latest Rachel Ray magazine (yes, mock me for it, but I don’t care…) and found some recipes that I think will be Moreno-household approved and can inspire me to get back into the cooking routine.

So, that about wraps up the highlights of this weekend. Some fun stuff and plenty of down time, but yet I’m still not ready to go back to work tomorrow… maybe this overwhelming feeling of dread might actually work in my favor: tomorrow can’t be as painful as I’m anticipating, can it? C’mon Monday, prove me wrong!!

bless me Father, for I have sinned; it has been 2 weeks since my last confession

It always amazes me how much time zips between one blog and the next: I write one up, feel really accomplished and am certain I will be able to write another one the next day. Writing daily seems like no big thing until I realize that a week has passed and I have not done anything to my blog at all. “I’ve been busy” seems like a weak excuse, but it is a true one. Continue reading

I thought I was smart, I thought I was right. I thought it better not to fight. I thought there was a virtue in always being cool.

Most of you who know me don’t necessarily equate “backing down” or being timid to my attributes, for better or worse. And, for better or worse, I’ve been happy to oblige this assumptions about who I am, about my character. Although being hard-headed and confrontational aren’t always the first two qualities you list in what you hope for in a potential friend, I’ve been proud to be known as someone too loudmouthed to step down from what she believes.

But the past month has been challenging this and making me question myself and whether or not I’m being smart and exhibiting proper self restrain, or if I’m becoming spineless. Continue reading

a quick update.

I figured I’d quickly post a little hello since I have not in a few days. There’s not too much to say–things are still busy, but I’m looking forward to a 3-day weekend. Based on all the stuff that’s coming up–work and personal, I’m going to need this little break.

To pick up from last week, here are 5 things I’m thankful for:

  1. Yoga one for me. My practice had been on a 2-week hiatus due to all the insanity of deadline and various things to do, but I went back last night and was happy I did. I was in such a great mood when I left. It felt really empowering to go reconnect with my body and my yoga routine. I’m heading to class again soon, but tonight is the Bikram. I hope my body is ready for that again!
  2. One hop closer. I briefly mentioned before that we passed the first phase of the grant app to get some of our fosters in the Cherry Hill Petco. Last night I completed the app for the 2nd phase. Now it’s a matter of waiting (8-12 weeks of it, apparently).  I’m hoping they might be able push our app through sooner since we’ve been in discussion about this with the store and with the Foundation head, but we’ll see…
  3. Write on target. Despite the countless drafts and hours editing, I was able to get out my application for the writing contest I wanted to enter. That makes two for this month! It was a lot of work and I’m not sure if my efforts will be rewarded, but I’m really happy that I followed through with this. That is accomplish enough for me.
  4. What’s black and white and read all over? I have quite a few magazines that remain unopen at home. They’re taunting me from atop the coffee table, but it’s giving me a nerdy sense of excitement to know I will FINALLY have the time to read them, cover to cover, this weekend.
  5. What the Plug are you looking at? Red Bull has been promoting its Flugtag Event ALL over the place, and I’ve done my best to ignore it. But, after doing spots on Preston and Steve and seeing some stuff about it on the news, I finally let down my guard and am now finding myself get excited for this event. Better yet, it’s RIGHT in my backyard! I look forward to being able to wander around and take plenty of cool photos of this.