life is what happens when you’re busy trying to keep a blog

I truly admire the people who are able to keep up with their craft through the thick of it all– it doesn’t matter how busy work, family, or social obligations make them– they always have time to  create new art, to make new music, or pursue whatever other passionate endeavors.

A lot of people will argue it’s about discipline, and I don’t totally doubt that to be true, but I think some people are better at the discipline than others. Maybe that’s a cop-out excuse, but I have tried my hand many a time at being “that girl” who keeps up with her hobbies, and her friends, and her good habits. I have made self-promises to cook more, to procrastinate less, to seriously take up X, or Y, or Z, only to find myself back to my bad habits within weeks.

So after many failed attempts, I have come to terms that I am not “that girl,” but instead the girl who will always be running for the train, hair still wet from the shower, my packed lunch still sitting in the fridge.

But that’s what keeps it interesting, right?

Anyway– this is all just a convoluted way to say I know I’ve been neglecting my blog and I feel bad about it. There is much to write about–my trip, our life happenings the past month, and my amazing and witty general life observations (yeah, yeah…), and hopefully there will be time soon. D and I are in the process of moving, and currently, about 2/3rds of our life is packed up in boxes or bags, waiting to meet our new place. We’re hoping to get the keys tomorrow to start moving some of the smaller stuff in then. Well, let’s rephrases that–we’re hoping Donnie can (I have a work dinner tomorrow). That was the hope for tonight, but our realtor busted up his ankle over the weekend and was recovering today.  All was not lost, though–we managed to get more accomplished here and continued to purge our possessions. As much as I hate moving, I love weeding out all the non-essential crap. It really helps put in perspective what you really want/need and what you keep around because you’re so used to seeing it every day…

So anyway, once things are settled, I will finally post my big ol’ Eurotrip adventure blog. I actually wrote a lot of it while on the trip, so it’ll just be a matter of filling in some gaps and adding some photos. Soon, friends, soon!

I hope all has been well in the world of you, dear reader. Hopefully it won’t be so long between when we see each other again.