And all your future lies beneath your hat.

I haven’t posted in awhile, and I’m tired of always posting about the heavy stuff, so I thought I’d share this moment from the conversation I had with my best friend tonight, which is still managing to make me laugh…

With a couple time zones between us and the various work/life responsibilities getting in the way, it’s been some time since I last caught up with my best friend. Today we finally had a chance to reconnect and see what’s been going on in each others’ lives, which we both could agree wasn’t as exciting as either of us would have hoped to report.

While sharing the things that were currently entertaining us/distracting us, I was overviewing the current fashion/makeover show I was watching, where some Long Island princess was being stripped of her sequins and neon attire in order to make way for a more sophisticated, polished look.

“Ugh–I hate neon,” Parr responded, “Then again, I probably shouldn’t judge–I’m currently wearing a neon hat shaped like a pig. But it’s lime green, not neon, so it’s really not the same…”

I sat speechless for a moment, which I indicated to her.

“I’m speechless,” I said.

“It’s from Angry Birds,” she explained. “It was for my Halloween costume, but I ended up really liking it so I just wear it around now. I get some weird looks, but a surprising amount of compliments…”

I sat for another moment.

“I don’t believe this is true,” I finally responded. “You are wearing the head of your Halloween costume around…two days before Thanksgiving…in public? Not just around your apartment, which, admittedly, is already a little odd, but you’re interacting with other people with this on?”

I then requested a picture of the hat.

Parr is clearly excited about her "Angry Birds" hat...

By this point, we were both in hysterics, which piqued the interest of her husband, who was sitting nearby:

“I just asked Ian if he thought my hat was stupid and he said, ‘No — it makes you happy!’
“And I said, ‘If you just randomly saw me on the street would you think my hat was stupid?’ and he said, ‘No! I’d think you’re quirky!”
“And I said, ‘That is NOT a compliment… the only other time a man has called me quirky was when I had Bell’s palsy and was trying to get backstage at a BB Mac concert.”

“Well,” I responded, “It’s a West Coast compliment — ‘Quirky’ runs companies on the West Coast. On the East Coast, it gets dragged behind pickup trucks.”