Momeny of Zen: Mistaken Identity

Today’s Moment of Zen is brought to you by Buzzfeed, because this was just too incredible not to share:


One of the most amazing print/article gaffes I’ve seen. I feel the pain of whoever wrote this, because I know how cringe-inducing it is to realize that something you wrote was printed with a huge, glaring error that went uncorrected, but you’d kind of think that Vogue would have fact checkers…

What’s the worst/best correction/mess up you’ve seen (or been responsible for?) Bonus points if you have links/photos to show these misprints in all their glory!


Another Brand Bites the Dust: Sephora is No Longer Cruelty Free

Just found out that yet another brand seems to have jumped aboard the Let’s-Sell-to-China bandwagon: According to Logical Harmony, Sephora is now selling its product in China. And because China is the only country that has laws requiring animal testing, any company that agrees to sell to China is breaking their cruelty-free stance, regardless if they don’t otherwise test. Continue reading

Products I Love: Vegan Cuts

Cruelty-free shopping definitely can be tricky, especially if you’re looking for products that are stylish, fashionable, and affordable. I was recently lamenting how difficult it can be to find decent products that are cruelty free without having to sacrifice the specific look and quality I’m seeking.

A friend recently told me about Vegan Cuts, which essentially is Groupon for animal-friendly shopping, founded to help make discovering–and purchasing–new vegan products fun and easy. Continue reading

Moment of Zen: Video Killed the Radio Star

Today’s moment of Zen is brought to you by our recent trip to the Goodwill. I was craving some more seasonal beer so we decided to take a trip to Canal’s, and the two just so happen to be in the same complex.

“Wanna take a look around?” D asked as we parked.

“Sure–big night out. First Goodwill then the liquor store…”

“Hey, that is a big night out for some people…”

D and I made our way around the store, checking out the different strange treasures that we could find. We frequent thrift shops often and have our various go-to areas,-specifically, the VHS and record collections (Donnie likes obscure VHS and I love weird retro international records like, Viva! Songs from Spain!, or Bella Vita–the Sultry Songs of Sicily). Continue reading

Products I Love: Leaping Bunny

OK, so, it’s not technically a product, but Leaping Bunny is essentially my go-to resource to ensure that I am finding products that are truly cruelty free. In fact, usually when people ask me if a particular company is cruelty free or if I have any recommendations for products that are cruelty free, I usually always turn to this organization to confirm before I respond. Continue reading

Products I Love: Eco-Emi

I have to admit that sometimes sticking to my principles on trying to only support cruelty-free companies can be tough, and a little frustrating. Sometimes I miss the ease and effortlessness of not having to check labels or confuse salespeople. A lot of research and time often has to go into selecting the products I purchase for myself and my family and many times I feel like I’m unable to really keep abreast of the cool new products and companies out there that actually are catering to my needs. And I know I’m not alone in this–I’ve had many friends who know my stance on animal testing ask me for recommendations or tips on brands that are also aligned with those values. In fact, I had one friend ask awhile ago for a run down of cosmetic companies that are certified cruelty free that I know and trust.

I thought this was a fabulous idea, but as anyone who reads this blog on the regular (or attempted to) has learned–I can be slow-moving. But I have been thinking on this idea for some time and decided I wanted to feature some of the awesome brands I’ve fallen in love with, as well as some cool resources I’ve used to try to keep up with the lifestyle I hope to maintain. Continue reading

Where are you going? Where have you been?

A part of me is almost embarressed at how long it’s been since I’ve written a proper blog, especially since one of the last blogs I wrote was resolving to write in this blog every week, but as I sit here with more than half of 2012 already behind me, I think it would be nearly impossible for me to put into words most of this year, especially while it was happening.

In fact, that was exactly how I felt most of the time I attempted to even think about posting about whatever random things happened. There just hadn’t been enough time to really process the event, or the subsequent emotion that event brought on, before something else equally as impressionable happened. I think what made these events particularly difficult to write about were that there was no real clear line between whether they were “good” or “bad,” and it took a considerable amount of time and additional living to figure out what they meant for me overall. Continue reading