And here is love…

I will admit it: There are times where it’s really hard to be married. There are times when I feel like me and my husband are living in two separate worlds, speaking two very different languages, throttling towards the frustrated complacency that so many try to tell you is inevitable after you are married.

And then, on a random Tuesday while making dinner, my husband jumps away from his place by the sink and assumes the raptor position and we leave the macaroni to boil on the stove while we spend the next 10 minutes squawking around the downstairs,  awkwardly jerking our necks around and running/walking around like creatures from The Dark Crystal, half the time chasing the other, the other half being chased.

And then, without any discussion at all, we both silently agree that Raptor Time is over and walk back into the kitchen, slightly out of breath, one stirring the orecchiette, the other quietly waiting for the spinach to finish sautéing.

See I will carry you through the hurricane waters…

Welp, we survived the storm. There were a few moments that seemed like they were going to be dicey, especially when we saw the type of devastation that happened just 30 miles away from us, but somehow we managed to come out of it unscathed–no damage or power loss.

Just a couple days before the storm hit, one of my best friends and I saw Citizen Cope to celebrate her 35th birthday. We had a great night out and had a fantastic time at the show.

Towards the end of the set, he played this song, off one of my favorite albums:

The title of this blog is a lyric from the song–the 2nd line is “I will remember you in the blue skies.”

After 4 overcast days in a row, the sun finally broke through today, just for a few brief moments.

I’m hoping everyone else out there is OK and my thoughts go out to everyone still dealing with the after effects of the storm…Hopefully the sun will break for you all soon.

Here is a link to some organizations you can donate to to help those who were most affected by the storms:

  • This article overviews a bunch of different relief efforts, including the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and Feeding America
  • Help the ASPCA or the Humane Society help animals affected by the storm

If you have any recommendations for other organizations to donate to, please feel free to post about them!

Music/Moment of Zen: “Fineshrine”

Here’s another one from my current vault of musical obsessions. Bummed that I missed them when they played Philly recently, but I waited too long to buy tickets and they sold out, and the dude scalping his pair on Craigslist never got back to me. 🙁 Hopefully they’ll tour again soon.

This is one of my favorites from them. Such a beautiful and haunting tune… A perfect companion to this cloudy autumn day.

Purity Ring – Fineshrine from Young Replicant on Vimeo.

Moment of Zen

My work BFF sent me the link to this said how fantastic it was. After I saw what it was, I started to reply back that it was ridiculous. And then after about a second of play time, I was completely mesmerized. These people now how to get down.

And so, I present to you your moment of Zen. Take a few minutes and revel in the human body’s ability to move like that, and the human mind’s ability to rationalize some of those fashion choices.

Moment/Music of Zen

I have a growing list of songs I’ve recently become addicted to, but this one has been on the top for some time now. I’ve been wanting to hold off on posting it ’til closer to winter/Christmas/New Year’s because I think it’ll be the perfect complement to that time of year, but reasons to post the song sooner keep on popping up. Continue reading

Progress Coming Soon. But Until Then…

I’m a little behind on things after last week/this weekend’s travels, but I just wanted to put together a little something just to make sure you know that I a) am still alive b) have not once again dropped the ball on this blog! I’ve got lots of ideas to flesh out and songs to share and pictures to post and rants to rant about and even guest bloggers ready to guestily blog! But not right now. Right now I’m still sort of living out of my suitcase and remembering just how much fun my friends and I had making our own rave in the bubble/color wing of the Exploratorium.

This was about the time we started dancing to Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” (Thank you, smartphone)–at least until the kids/their parents started to crowd about, waiting their turn (either that, or they were trying to determine if we were on drugs).

But until then, here is a Moment of Zen-y pic for you to let you know I’m still out there and kicking and I’ll be kickin’ it here again soon (Thanks, Cousin Nick, for the find!).

But anyway–Enough about me. How are you?