Falling off the wagon…

Well, I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon again, but I’m trying doggedly to get back on it before months and months pass by. Life has kind of thrown a couple bitch slaps my way and instead of typing through it or at least posting some silly memes or YouTube clips as fodder, I’ve kind of retreated from writing at all, which isn’t really the best approach and one I need to work on.

A co-worker passed away unexpectedly a couple weeks ago and it sent our office, and me, reeling. I wasn’t as close to him as others were, but his presence at our office was significant and his absence now is even more significant. Continue reading

Moment of Zen: Bipartisan Hilarity

I owe y’all a proper blog post, but things have been busy–good, but busy. I’m feeling damn good today, enjoying this gray day in Jersey, listening to some Otis Redding and enjoying the post-election, pre-snow electricity that’s in the air. Even though I know not everyone can be happy after Election Day/night, I love seeing how fired up people get for the political process.

And after an emotional week of watching my beloved state and so many friends and fellow New Jerseyeans deal with the aftermath of Sandy, it’s nice to feel hopeful and happy today.

So, this one is for everyone–whether you’re still riding the high of last night’s election results, or if you need of a pick-me-up because your party didn’t come out ahead. Because apparently, Diane Sawyer was the true political hero last night*:

*These clips are actually from the 2008 election, but there’s a slew of them from last night popping up on YouTube as well. Ch-ch-check ’em out.