YOLO, mutha truckas.

Hello Friends of the Internet!

I realize that I’ve been doing so much stuff in connection to the blog that I’ve actually been neglecting to WRITE in the blog. D’oh.

Apologies for the cliché, but I really hit the ground running in 2013. As I’ve noted earlier, I feel that, although good things did happen in that time, the past 2 years have been a bit stagnant for me and it was time to start really getting my shit together. My friends are half-amused, half baffled by my only-sort-of joking adoption of the now-passé adage of YOLO (or “You Only Live Once” for those of you not into silly Internet slang). But I appreciate the sentiment, and instead of using it to create silly internet memes or drink to excess, I’m using it as a light-hearted reminder that life is indeed short and there’s a lot of shit I still want to get done before my time is over.

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Basking in my 15 minutes

Well, I can’t post much right now because I need to start my work day soon, but I wanted to share some exciting news for those of you who might not already know: xojane.com published one of my articles yesterday!! I am so beyond excited and thrilled for the opportunity and am completely blown away by the response I’ve received so far, both from people close to me and from people I’ve never met. It’s been so awesome to read all the responses and get so much feedback, although admittedly it’s a bit bittersweet (it sucks to know so many other people understand the pains of Alzheimer’s firsthand…).

But the experience has definitely reenergized me and I’m even more focused than before to get my writing out there and to keep finding avenues where I can promote my work. And I really hope I get the opportunity to work with xoJane.com again–what an awesome publication to write for! (The same day my article premiered, they posted a piece by one of my favorite comediennes, Lisa Lampanelli!!)

So… I’m stoked, and humbled, and grateful, and overwhelmed, and excited. 2013 is my year, damnit, and this is just the beginning.

What are men to rocks and mountains?

This weekend we headed up to Bear Creek Mountain with a bunch of friends to try our hand at some night snow tubing.

This is what I thought snow tubing would be like:

This is actually what it was like the first time I went down the mountain:

This is what it was like after I worked up the courage to do it again:

All in all, it was a good time, albeit initially terrifying. But I’m glad we went, I’m glad I didn’t give up after the first go-round, and I’m grateful that the only major injuries incurred were to my boots and not my body (or Donnie’s body, being that he hit a tree after his first run down the mountain).

There’s a beautiful parable wrapped in all this about trying something even when it terrifies you, and trying again, even when the first time did not go as planned, but you all are smart people, so I won’t spell it out for you. (Beyond that, I’m too distracted looking at clips from Cool Runnings to say anything too terribly poetic…)

Mondays don’t always have to be painful…

As far as Mondays go, this one hasn’t been terrible. I can probably attribute that to all of the wonderful music I’ve been listening to today (finally compiling all the songs I’ve tagged on Shazam the past few months, and creating various Spotify playlists with them. Have I mentioned how much I love Spotify?)

Anyway, this one came up on that list, and I have a feeling it’s going to become a staple during the spring and summer months (Can you tell warmer months have been on my mind recently?). Maybe if I get my shit together this year, I’ll actually put together/send out a seasonal playlist mix that I can add this one to.

How’s your Monday been? What songs got you through today?


Spring Flings

By far one of my favorite weather phenomenons is unusually warm, spring-like weather in January. I love how those days manage to break up the winter’s oppressiveness while also offering hope that bright–and warmer–days are in store. Most years there is at least one or 2 days that fit this designation, but this year, we’ve really lucked out and the entire month has been pretty manageable. Although already in the 50s, we’re supposed to hit the 60s this weekend in Jersey, and truly, I couldn’t be happier. Continue reading

So long to the holidays…So long.

Well, folks– it’s officially over: Christmas, New Year’s, 2012. Back to normalcy and  patiently waiting for the cold, dark days to get longer.

It’s honestly hard to believe that New Year’s just happened this week–with Christmas already disassembled at the house, and with the desperation for routine to be re-established, I kind of feel like I’ve been operating post-holidays for weeks now.

I guess then I shouldn’t be so hard on myself for not being motivated to do much of anything beyond the things that need to be done. But there is just so much to be done–so many things I want to do with the blog and other writing projects, so much personal bettering and reading and general living and life figuring out I would like/need to do, but the past couple nights have been spent in my pajamas on the couch.

Typing this out, I realize I’m being a bit hard on myself. It’s been 2 nights, and before that, it’s been New Year’s and Christmas and all of the insanity that was December. But I haven’t felt this wiped out in a while, and in a lot of ways, I didn’t even really go “big” on Christmas this year–I didn’t set foot in a Kohl’s ONCE from Black Friday ’til now, and only ventured to the mall the day after Christmas (and that was only to rummage through plastic bins of discounted underwear with the other college-educated women surrounding me and then attempt to buy fancy, overpriced soap that was on sale for a still-overpriced amount).

I guess you can currently color me as suffering from the Winter Blues, although I’m hopeful this is a temporary storm front that will be passing soon. There is much to get excited for and be hopeful about, so fingers crossed I get motivated again soon.

Until then, I might just have to watch Love Actually one more time to hold on to a little bit more of that holiday hopefulness…