Everyone has to eat and no one should feel bad about it.

Note: This actually started as a FB status, but by the time I was finished, I realized it was longer than most the blogs I’ve recently published. Consider this your lucky day, friends–you’re getting a 2-for-1 in posting. I guess this is a “thanks” for sticking by me while I’ve been dormant for so long…


So, I went to ShopRite tonight–an errand that I *dread*, and tonight was no different–it was crowded, it was chaotic, I was hungry and tired. I just wanted to buy my few items and get OUT. I stood behind a family who seemed to be wrapping up their checkout and quickly realized that the mother was purchasing her items using her WIC (The New Jersey Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children) check.

The clerk, who was probably 17 at most, was having trouble ringing up a couple of her items (eggs, tortillas, bread) because the computer was saying they weren’t covered and so he was asking his manager for help.

The manager, clearly annoyed, was giving him short answers to his questions, but would not just come over to help him through the transaction (granted, it was busy, but the kid was obviously unsure what to do and there were several other customers behind this family, which was making the kid even more nervous). The boy was trying to explain the situation to the family, and the manager yelled over, “Do they speak English? If they don’t, it’s not worth explaining. I’ll just have to get the things for them. Do they speak English or not?” Continue reading

See? Sometimes Alzheimer’s Can Be Funny…

Today has been a pretty grey day in the Garden State, which means that it was an early day for my dad, who is a farmer.

Being that I’m working from home today, I’ve spent the afternoon in front of the computer while my dad and mom sat on the couch and watched the news.

Today has not been a good day for my mom–she’s been fairly agitated and not really communicative. At one point she was trembling and near tears. When I’d ask her what was wrong, she would look up at me with a face of fear, clearly not recognizing who I am.

Although she perked up a bit when my dad came in, she’s still been relatively quiet, which, sadly, seems to be the new norm for her.

But when my dad got frustrated with one of the commentators on TV and exclaimed, “This guy is full of crap!”, my mom didn’t miss a beat. She turned, looked directly at him, and said, “So’s your head.”


I’m Your Dolly, Stuffed With Extra Baggage

Today’s one of those days where I’m just plugging along, trying not to let the overhead fluorescent lights of the office affect the throbbing happening behind my eyes anymore than it already has. It hasn’t been a bad day, but it’s hasn’t been a particularly exciting one, either, but I figured I owed the blog an update since I recently resolved to get back into the swing of writing in here again.

Aren’t you glad I made the effort today? 😛

I went to the boardwalk last night and played pinball and skeeball until I reached a point of zen. If I ever strike it rich, or moderately wealthy, I will have a mini arcade in my house featuring these games (and maybe Pac Man, too).

[For the record, this is the pinball machine I want. I actually found an arcade down in Austin that has it–and was selling it–but I just couldn’t justify the cost/effort it would take to transport it back to Jersey… If anyone has any more local leads on where to find this, hit me up]


The Lines Might Be Blurred, But One Thing Is Clear…. (Moment of Zen)

I’m not generally a fan of Jimmy Fallon’s comedy, but what he’s done with the musical portion of his show is brilliant. I love how he collaborates (and impersonates) different artists and, best of all, how he brings them in on the fun.

Anyone who’s been around me this summer knows this has been my jam and I’m absolutely loving this latest version as well.

Props especially to the dude with the rainbow xylophone.

Happy Friday, friends!

Getting back into the swing of things… Moment of Zen

I was recently sent this cover, performed by friend of a friend, and I was pretty impressed with it. “This would make a great Moment of Zen,” I thought to myself, and then realized how long it’s been since I posted one on the site, or posted anything for that matter.

This is the part where I explain how crazy life has been and how even through all the insanity, I never forgot about the blog, never lost the desire to write, how I kept trying, kept wanting to, but just couldn’t–how there’s been this strange mental block that has almost paralyzed my fingers every time I came to the log in site and stared at the cursor blinking on the blank screen. This is the part where I vaguely explain that things have been hard recently, that I’ve been going through “some things,” but now I’m back, and better than ever…

That’s how this spiel usually goes, right?

Well, dear readers, I’ll spare you those lines again, but I will tell you I am here, and despite the lack of posting, I’ve never really left. Things have been pretty crazy in my world recently, but I’m working on redefining my normal, and I’d like very much to start by getting things back on track here.

So, let’s enjoy this Moment of Zen together, and then let’s get back on track, shall well?