The Soundtrack for a Year.

I like to make mix CDs at the beginning of each season, or during the season to help me get through the particular months associated with them. If I do it far enough in advance, or if I have the free time, I try to send some copies of this mix off to friends, to share with them some music that currently interests me and to give them a small peak into what’s most recently been filling my head. I wish I could say that I’m as diligent with this as I would like to be, but as with most of the projects in my life, it completes with the thousands of other things I want to be doing.

But this year I was determined to get an End of Year mix together. For as un-musically inclined I may personally be, I love music. Love listening to it, finding new artists, discovering new bands, going to shows. I like movies a lot, but don’t gravitate towards that as naturally as others do. Music is my thing. It’s the way I best express myself, it’s where I find myself and find truths about my relationships with others. (Much to the chagrin of many an ex, I’m sure…). Continue reading

2014, go gently into that good night.

So, I was recently having a discussion about the Play-Doh device that looks like a dick, and it evolved into talking about how Facebook is trying to get us to reflect happily on 2014, and well, how that doesn’t work for everyone. And the discussion got me thinking about my own 2014, especially since I’ve been penning to blog to mark this year’s end in my head for days now… Continue reading

An Open Letter to My Reddit Secret Santa.

Alright, so, my reddit SS was absolutely incredible to me. I’m not sure what his reddit name is, but I was able to send him this message. I figure I’ll share it below so others can have a better understanding of how much this gift means to me, and why. Also note that I wrote a lot in my “About Me,” and only off-handedly mentioned loving to read/my books and wanting to switch over to a Kindle eventually. But that definitely wasn’t the lead in my write up, so this was beyond a shock to me.

Let me briefly explain reddit and what this Secret Santa exchange is for those who don’t know. To quote from the Wiki page about it: reddit is an entertainment, social networking service, and news website where registered community members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links. Registered users can then vote submissions “up” or “down” to organize the posts and determine their position on the site’s pages. Content entries are organized by areas of interest called “subreddits.”

For the past several years, they’ve been organizing a Secret Santa event, where you are paired up with a complete stranger who also has signed up to give a gift to someone else. You can be paired with someone from anywhere across the US, or internationally if you choose.

Also note that this gift exchange had a $20 limit.  Continue reading