a quick update.

I figured I’d quickly post a little hello since I have not in a few days. There’s not too much to say–things are still busy, but I’m looking forward to a 3-day weekend. Based on all the stuff that’s coming up–work and personal, I’m going to need this little break.

To pick up from last week, here are 5 things I’m thankful for:

  1. Yoga one for me. My practice had been on a 2-week hiatus due to all the insanity of deadline and various things to do, but I went back last night and was happy I did. I was in such a great mood when I left. It felt really empowering to go reconnect with my body and my yoga routine. I’m heading to class again soon, but tonight is the Bikram. I hope my body is ready for that again!
  2. One hop closer. I briefly mentioned before that we passed the first phase of the grant app to get some of our fosters in the Cherry Hill Petco. Last night I completed the app for the 2nd phase. Now it’s a matter of waiting (8-12 weeks of it, apparently).  I’m hoping they might be able push our app through sooner since we’ve been in discussion about this with the store and with the Foundation head, but we’ll see…
  3. Write on target. Despite the countless drafts and hours editing, I was able to get out my application for the writing contest I wanted to enter. That makes two for this month! It was a lot of work and I’m not sure if my efforts will be rewarded, but I’m really happy that I followed through with this. That is accomplish enough for me.
  4. What’s black and white and read all over? I have quite a few magazines that remain unopen at home. They’re taunting me from atop the coffee table, but it’s giving me a nerdy sense of excitement to know I will FINALLY have the time to read them, cover to cover, this weekend.
  5. What the Plug are you looking at? Red Bull has been promoting its Flugtag Event ALL over the place, and I’ve done my best to ignore it. But, after doing spots on Preston and Steve and seeing some stuff about it on the news, I finally let down my guard and am now finding myself get excited for this event. Better yet, it’s RIGHT in my backyard! I look forward to being able to wander around and take plenty of cool photos of this.

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