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The issue of Obama smoking seems to come up periodically. Some people think that the President is not setting a good example for his fellow Americans, especially because smoking is one of the biggest killers in their country. With health care being such a huge issue right now, the President’s own habits seem to be a point of contention with supporters and critics alike.

Should President Obama quit smoking?

"Is this summit going to have a smoke break...?"


I guess when it comes down to it, it’s probably best for all smokers to kick the habit…cancer is not a lovely prospect.

But, let’s face it–being President is a high stress job. I mean, just working on projects with somewhat tight deadlines makes me want to reach for a pack on a regular basis… imagine having the weight of a country on your shoulders. Although it’d be a great thing for Obama to do, I don’t know if now is the right time.

Think of it this way–do you really want the leader of the free world, a man who has to make some pretty intense and serious decisions, dealing with the effects of withdrawal when the red phone rings?

Note: I find it interesting after performing extensive research–i.e., doing a Google search and clicking through multiple pages of the results–I only was able to find one seemingly legit photo of the President smoking and even that one seemed as though it might be Photoshopped…

6 thoughts on “All I’m saying is…

  1. No. Honestly if someone, no matter who it is, wants to smoke I say let ’em. As long as it’s not in my face I really don’t care.

  2. Yeah, I mean, I’m in no way on the “stop smoking NOW!!” bandwagon– it’d be hypocritical to expect that from others when I can’t really totally do that myself, but in theory I get -why- one shouldn’t smoke and agree with those reasons…

  3. Yeah. Quitting is good, but smoking isn’t evil as long as you’re considerate about it. It’s just a choice. The man is clearly not chain smoking either. And I’d bet money that Michelle doesn’t let him do it around the kids.

  4. Should he quit? Well, yeah — considering that smoking is an unhealthy habit and all. But as Kate said, it’s pretty obvious that he’s not a chain smoker.

    Should he quit just because health care is such a big issue right now? No, probably not. As “controversial” as his smoking might be, accusations of political theatricality would probably beleveled at him were he to quit, conveniently, right in the middle of the health care debate.

    He’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t, really.

  5. I think he should quit for various reasons. However, I’m not jumping on an anti-Obama bandwagon because of it.

    How can so many people criticize him for smoking, yet people barely batted an eyelash at Clinton when he got caught cheating on his wife!?

    What has a bigger effect on the young people of America? A presidential role model who chooses to be immoral, breaking his wedding vows multiple times, embarrassing himself and his wife — and who was barely remorseful about it; or one who makes a lousy health-related choice?

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