and I’m the crazy one?

My friend, Heather, is fostering a rabbit for our rescue. Initially, I thought this was an act of motherly kindness, something she agreed to do to appease her children (and my) begging… but I’m beginning to see that Heather might have had more selfish reasons for this arrangement.

We have our fosters submit descriptions for the buns so people who might be interested in adopting can learn more.

This is what Heather submitted:

His parents were descended from the bunnies of the extinct Piast Dynasty in Poland, his 17th great grandfather having lived with the Princess Jadwiga of Lithuania. The legitimacy of her claim to the throne was hotly contended and all the bunnies were turned out into the streets when her mother, Anna of Poland, died in 1425. In 1999, Adam Naruszewicz in his History of the Polish Nation working with the League of Polish House Rabbits declared that Alejandro was the lone heir and due the total of all the palace art that had been smuggled out of Wawel during the Polish Bunny Revolution of 1436. It is rumored that on November 10, 1999 he sold the art and invested heavily in UPS’ IPO, becoming that company’s secret majority stock owner, a fact that UPS CEO Scott Davis refuses to confirm.

Also, she started a blog, chronicling Alejandro’s (mis)adventures.

All I can say is I hope this little guy doesn’t find a home for awhile, so as not to miss out on the tom-foolery taking place while with his foster family. Viva la Alejandro!

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