Another Brand Bites the Dust: Sephora is No Longer Cruelty Free

Just found out that yet another brand seems to have jumped aboard the Let’s-Sell-to-China bandwagon: According to Logical Harmony, Sephora is now selling its product in China. And because China is the only country that has laws requiring animal testing, any company that agrees to sell to China is breaking their cruelty-free stance, regardless if they don’t otherwise test.

Unfortunately, this has become a common trend among companies looking to expand their customer base/profit margin. Just this year, both Smashbox and MAC succumbed to the allure of a larger profit margin (both these brands fall under the parent company, Estée Lauder, who also reversed its decades-old decision to no longer animal test in order to sell in China). Similarly, Mary Kaye and Avon have begun testing on animals again after years of being cruelty free.

All this news is pretty disheartening and depressing, but at least there have been some glimmers of hope this year, too. It was especially awesome to see Urban Decay reverse their decision to sell their products in China after so many of their devoted customers spoke out against the decision. Additionally, as noted in this press release from July, “China is in the final stages of approving the use of the country’s very first non-animal test method for cosmetics ingredients, following an initiative from PETA’s US branch.” It would be huge and totally incredible China actually passes this testing method and begins to turn away from animal testing. Fingers crossed this happens, but in the meantime, please be sure to check is a brand is cruelty free. You can find some pretty reliable resources for that here and here.