“Bitch set me up.”

— M. Barry, former Mayor of Washington, DC

Well, it’s Day 3 in DC, Day 2 in newsroom hell.

Actually, it isn’t all that bad. Aside from being more disorganized than we’d like/are used to, it’s kind of nice to be back to newspaper-type work–running around, covering sessions, getting back to the room and typing stories on tight deadlines. Some of the sessions I’ve covered have been interesting (some have been painful) and everyone on the trip is pretty cool/fun to hang out with. Having an expense account that allows me to put cab rides and dinners on the company card is nice, too. Of course, downtime is limited to a few hours at night and we’re working 12-hour days, but in small doses it’s kind of fun.

Last night I got done around 8:30 and headed out to see Lou and Jason at their place a few blocks away. We caught up for awhile before heading out to grab a bite to eat. It was good to catch up and I’m sorry we didn’t have more time to hang out.

I took a cab back and got so wrapped up in the stories the cabbie was telling me (how he works full-time for the dept. of immigration, the things he’s trying to accomplish in DC), that I ended up giving him a $5 tip for a $4.50 cab ride. He either caught me in the right state of delirium or his story made me a sucker, but regardless, he walked away with a pretty sweet tip for a 8-block ride… but whatever, I guess in the end, I’m not the one paying for it…

I got to sleep around midnight, which was AWESOME and pretty hilarious that I was excited to go to bed so “early.” I definitely felt relaxed and refreshed this morning, and was glad that I broke off from the group last night–judging from the puffy faces from this morning, the crew had another crazy night out. I’m curious to see where tonight takes us… it looks like we may be down one and my direct boss might be meeting up with family (although considering it’s after 8 p.m. and there’s no end in site, that plan might be out the window). There were talks of Georgetown or maybe someplace a little closer… we shall see.

So, that’s about it.

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