bless me Father, for I have sinned; it has been 2 weeks since my last confession

It always amazes me how much time zips between one blog and the next: I write one up, feel really accomplished and am certain I will be able to write another one the next day. Writing daily seems like no big thing until I realize that a week has passed and I have not done anything to my blog at all. “I’ve been busy” seems like a weak excuse, but it is a true one.

Things have been puttering along–all the usual suspects taking up my time: work, the rescue, spending time with friends and family.

Here’s the rundown of what’s been up:

  • My friends are cooler than your friends. I was able to successfully make it to all of my friends’ shows at the Philly Fringe, which I am proud about considering this was the first year I was able to do that. And although I shouldn’t be, I continued to be amazed at the amazing amount of talent and enthusiasm the people in my life have.
  • Empty Nest. Mogwai’s getting adopted. After a great internal debate over whether or not he was ready, I finally took him out to his first meet n’greet, and sho’nuff within an hour a woman saw him and instantly fell in love. She literally submitted her application online  right when she got home. I went over to her condo last night to complete the home meet and to say she is excited is an understatement. I’m sad to see the little guy go, but as always, it’s always good to see our fosters go to a good home.
  • Code Orange. I’ve become the in-case-of-a-bunny-emergency contact, apparently. Our poor vet. Without fail, the past 2 weekends I’ve had to call her with frantic requests for help: the first was when one of the volunteer’s foster buns, who, unbeknownst to all of us, was pregnant, gave birth. The following weekend I had a former adopter call me, frantic because her little guy was not eating/was lethargic and no vets were willing to give her an appointment because it was a Friday. Fortunately, all buns involved were OK in the end (except for one of the babies who didn’t make it 🙁 Poor thing).
  • Rolly Poly. On that note, I held a week-old bunny last night. Crazy! They are SO tiny. And, something I didn’t know, their eyes don’t open for a few weeks after their born, so they basically just eat and sleep and wriggle around in a big ol’ bunny pile all day. It’s cute… and a little weird.
  • For Every Season, Turn, Turn, Turn… Continuing on the bunny speak, I FINALLY finished the calendars for the rescue! And they came out pretty good, if I say so myself! You should buy one… for EVERYONE YOU KNOW.
  • FOOLED YOU. I, and the other bridesmaids, successfully punk’d our bride-to-be friend, Jill! After months of planning, we held her shower this past Sunday. Initially we were going to tell her the date, but Jill had alluded to her sister that she wanted it to be a surprise. And then tried her damnedest to figure out when it was. But WE GOT HER SOOO GOOD! After many intricate fabrications (a fake engagement party to get her to the venue, a fake demonstration party scheduled for the following weekend to throw her off the scent, matched with miscellaneous conversations, phone calls, and texts to further convince her the shower was NEXT weekend all worked perfectly! The event turned out great–the food was good, the bride-to-be was happy, and I got to drunkenly make a bow hat. What else could you ask for?
  • Nachos are the new Sunday dinner. I guess this is going to be an ongoing trend until football season is over… ah, football season, how I love thee despite my former favorite team’s best efforts to crush my enthusiasm. Although many people laugh when I say that I bleed green for the Philadelphia Eagles (apparently I don’t come across as a football enthusiast to most…), it was the sport that I grew up with in my family. We’ve had season tickets to the birds since before I was born and going to games/watching them at home has been an ongoing ritual in my family for as long as I can remember.And I have carried the love/hate torch for the home team for 25 years… but then they tested me last year by signing Michael Vick, convicted dog fighter, killer, and torturer.
    I was disgusted and pissed and swore to boycott the team… and when I saw Vick wasn’t really playing, I tried to relent a little and justify still watching them/going to games. But now, after 2 games in the 2010 season, the announcement has been made to make Vick our starting QB. And I just can’t get down with that. There are a lot of fans out there would would probably kill their own mother for a chance at a winning season, but I have found my limit of fandom. Instead of bleeding green, I now will bleed black and gold for my 2nd team, The Saints.
  • Money saving, commence! I have finally put our 2nd bank account to good use: because we don’t have a check card attached to it, I am using it to save my money for my spring Europe trip. I’ve begun to squirrel away bits of my paycheck and freelance payments to help fund the travel. It’s funny how saving can be so much more fun when you actually have a clear goal in mind that you’re saving for… next step is to finally get my passport changed over to my married name. Oh yeah, and buy my plane ticket 🙂
  • She works hard for the money. I was excited to have a yard sale this past weekend and was dreaming of how much cash we’d make off it, considering we had a lot of decent stuff to sell (clothes, many with tags still on; video games, DVDs, etc.), but the yard sale gods were not smiling upon us. Instead of the town-wide yardsale the next town over bringing the people out in droves, it took them all away. After sitting outside from 8-3, I made $21. Oh well.
  • For Better or Worse. Today (or yesterday, depending on what time this shows up when it posts) was my and D’s 2nd wedding anniversary. Hard to believe that it’s been 2 years already… The day was spent working, not seeing/talking to D all day, then coming home and cleaning the mess of the apartment for 2 1/2 hours while Donnie worked the late shift. Who says romance is dead, eh?
  • Boardwalk Empire. I haven’t watched the show yet, but apparently they give a shout out to my hometown in the beginning. Fun fact? The dude who wrote the book that the series is based on is the judge (and family friend) who married Donnie and me!
  • I walk to remember; I walk to forget. We’re 2 months out from The Memory Walk and I’ve been so touched by the donations we’ve received for Team Nay Nay. The generosity of others shouldn’t continue to amaze me, but it does. From the bottom of my heart, I thank everyone who’s been able to contribute, whether it be financial or moral support. Both have been so very much appreciated.
  • Jon is my co-pilot. I’m about thisclose to having a plan finalized to go to the Rally to Restore Sanity down in DC in October. A friend of mine and I have been scheming and we think we might have found a reasonably priced hotel room nearby to the festivities. I’m excited for the belligerent opportunities that await us in our nation’s capital. Sanity, schmanity– I want to don a Founding Father’s costume and drink a 40!

Alright, I think that about covers that… until next time, whenever that may be…

2 thoughts on “bless me Father, for I have sinned; it has been 2 weeks since my last confession

  1. A: I’m jealous about you getting to go to the Rally to Restore Sanity!

    B: MAKE SURE when you buy your plane ticket, the name on it matches whatever name is definitely going to be on your passport when you travel (since you’re changing that). Or else you could run into annoying problems.

    But anyway, yay Europe! I haven’t been looking into stuff yet because EasyJet still haven’t started selling flights in April. But soon!

  2. Bravo on your Vick stance. Some things are bigger than football. The guy is the turd of a turd and so is the Eagles org. for keeping him. Go Steelers! (I could have been the kid in the Mean Joe Green commercial.)

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