‘Twas the Night Before Election…

‘Twas the night before election
And all through Facebook
friends were ranting and shouting,
“He’s a sexist!” “She’s a crook!”
The statuses were posted by acquaintances without care
In hopes that soon likes, loves, and “wows” soon would be there.
Their children were nestled all snug in their beds,
(The change from daylight savings had messed up their heads)
And mom on her iPad and me on my phone
Scrolled through more posts about emails, border walls, and drones
When over on Twitter there arose so much chatter
I switched my Chrome tabs to see what was the matter
Away to the ad window my mouse flew like a flash,
My emotion like the ¯\_(ツ)_/ guy (plus the last dash)
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But an ad for a land with free healthcare and reindeer
Called my trusty Uber driver, so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment I needed to split.
More rapid than eagles, his black car it came,
He texted, I packed up, and threw shade by name:
“No NPR! No CNN! No Fox News or CSPAN,
“Eff, Jeb Bush! Eff, Bernie! Eff O’Rellly and Dunham!”
“To the top of the newsfeeds! To the top of Trump’s wall!”
“I’m moving to Canada–To Hell with you all!”
(Pre-election puns and musings in Collaboration with Colin Ingersoll.)

Oh, deer.

Happy Halloween, deer friends! (Like what I did there?)

Apparently this last-minute costume idea was a winner. Many people, including my own brother, did not recognize me when I posted pics! And considering this was a last-minute idea that came together using about $5 worth of supplies, I’d say it was a success! Special thanks to Moose for use of the headband and Kristine for the white and black face crayons!Halloween

See? Sometimes Alzheimer’s Can Be Funny…

Today has been a pretty grey day in the Garden State, which means that it was an early day for my dad, who is a farmer.

Being that I’m working from home today, I’ve spent the afternoon in front of the computer while my dad and mom sat on the couch and watched the news.

Today has not been a good day for my mom–she’s been fairly agitated and not really communicative. At one point she was trembling and near tears. When I’d ask her what was wrong, she would look up at me with a face of fear, clearly not recognizing who I am.

Although she perked up a bit when my dad came in, she’s still been relatively quiet, which, sadly, seems to be the new norm for her.

But when my dad got frustrated with one of the commentators on TV and exclaimed, “This guy is full of crap!”, my mom didn’t miss a beat. She turned, looked directly at him, and said, “So’s your head.”


The Lines Might Be Blurred, But One Thing Is Clear…. (Moment of Zen)

I’m not generally a fan of Jimmy Fallon’s comedy, but what he’s done with the musical portion of his show is brilliant. I love how he collaborates (and impersonates) different artists and, best of all, how he brings them in on the fun.

Anyone who’s been around me this summer knows this has been my jam and I’m absolutely loving this latest version as well.

Props especially to the dude with the rainbow xylophone.

Happy Friday, friends!

This time machine runs on an AC/DC current.

Funny how some songs bring back particular memories so clearly: Every time I hear “You shook me all night long” by AC/DC, I remember being at a dance party held during the National competition for forensics (public speaking) sometime during my sophomore year of high school.

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All I Want for Christmas Is You

Considering that I spent a good portion of this morning listening to the Rent Soundtrack, reminiscing about my sophomore year of college when I lived in Middle Hall, the creative arts dorm, I thought it would be a good time to break out this Christmas song, and the reason why I will always love it no matter how garish Mariah Carey is.