falling apart at the dreams

This was my status update for tonight and Karen said it fit under the FB/everyday poetry category, so I’m using it as my blog title. Has anyone seen any good FB lines recently to make the EDP list? Let me know…

I wish I had something exciting to report, but sadly I’ve been only half functioning the past few days. Not sure if it’s allergies or illness, but I ended up staying home yesterday. It was just one of those days where I woke up and my body said “no,” plain and simple. I ended up sleeping for most of the day, and then feeling guilty for not going to work. This is a curse.

I’ve been feeling a little low the past few days. Blame it on my fatigue or this mystery illness/pseudo illness that has me feeling less than 100% (more like 70%). I just feel like all my efforts have been in vain–I’ve been trying to eat better, trying to exercise, attempting to go to bed earlier (that last one hasn’t been all that successful), but I still feel like a lump. I just want to lay in bed for days, but there are too many obligations: work, home stuff, rescue stuff, and this weekend will be a busy one. The thing is I’m really excited for the stuff planned (a trip to WAC, a hike with pie!), but I just wish I was feeling better…

blergh. I’m tired of complaining.

In better news, we ate at Corriander tonight. I LOVE their tandoori salmon. LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. I managed to save half so I can enjoy it for lunch tomorrow. Made our way to Tunes after where D scored a Godspeed! You Black Emperor Record for about $16 cheaper than everywhere else we’ve seen it. I returned some stuff to Target, and for the first time EVER, walked out of there in the black.

Also, another kickass donation came in for the Hoppy Hour–4 tickets to go on a Dolphin Watching Cruise in Atlantic City. Holla!! I might have to bribe my friends to bid on that one and let me go if they win!! We also sold some more tickets today (someone bought 4 via Google Checkout!!) and we got another donation for $75 (not sure if they wanted tickets or not, because they clicked the “donate” button, but either way it’s awesome!) I really, really hope we can get 75 attendees to make this a true success. Fingers are tightly crossed.

I also had a really funny email exchange with my former professor/former head of the English department at my college regarding me and a friend’s upcoming trek down to C-town to visit for a reading.

My email:

Dear Doctor G.,

Your favorite former Kipliners are coming back down for the Sophie Kerr reading Friday. Once you’re done your schmoozing, are you up for some boozing…?

I hope the Mrs. can come again too. I haven’t been properly put in my place in awhile.

His response:

Like the swallows returning to Capistrano! Your message gives hope to the week. We look forward to catching up.

This seriously made my week. I’ve often wondered whether or not I made the right goes for where I went for undergrad. I know a lot of people who went places that seemed or were considerably more prestigious than where I went. But then I realize these people did not have this kind of repertoire with their professors–in fact, many of them barely even got to talk to them. I had the privilege of hiking up the side of a mountain with mine. It’s these little things that make me grateful I’ve taken the path I have–the path that was meant for me.

So that’s it. Hope everyone else is doing well. I miss you all and will wear your colors ’til we meet again.

One thought on “falling apart at the dreams

  1. I have never wondered if I made the right decision going to WAC. It took me so many awesome places and introduced me to so many ridiclously cool people, professors and students alike. And especially after experiencing the british higher ed system, I know for a fact that I had the best experience possible by going to WAC. It’s something that makes me feel better about the loans I’m paying off (even if the majority of them are the University of Edinburgh’s fault). It also makes me feel a lot better about my own country and how it has such a diverse range of approaches to higher ed in general.

    Also, it may be Dr. Gillin’s fault I’m in the UK in the first place, as he’s the first one who took me here. Our train went through the lake district on the way home yesterday, and I decided that I need to start planning a trip back there, even if it’s not part of a Kiplin alum trip.

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