That subject heading represents my head hitting the keyboard regarding my failure to keep up with my resolution to stay on top of this blog. I’d like to think that it’s because I’m so busy keeping up with my other resolutions that the actual documentation of everything is the thing that’s fallen by the wayside.

I think I really need to get a better handle on the technology available to me so I can update this site on-the-go and post things remotely, instead of having to be on computer that has the photos, or trying to e-mail stuff to myself so I can then upload it on here. Additionally, I just have to make this more of a conscious effort thing, but trust me, it’s certainly not for lack of trying or wanting…

So hopefully I’ll get my ish together and post some pictures from our San Francisco trip. And I’ll post some pics of the projects/recipes me and friends have been tackling together, and I’ll stay up-to-date on all the other wonderful things going on.

But, until then, know I’ve been thinking of you.