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I pride myself on having beautiful, smart, and amazing girlfriends who do not easily identify with the personality of Sex and the City characters. And after many recent dashed plans, due to busy schedules and chaotic lives, our little group finally had a chance to get together today to celebrate Quavin and her little one on the way.

We had a great time at Farmacia, where we enjoyed yummy 1/2 price cocktails and delicious food (it would not be an exaggeration to say I could have probably eaten 6 more servings of their grilled brie and downed at least 3 more bloody Marys…). After we finished chatting, laughing, eating, drinking, and demonstrating how/why I am not mentally or physically prepared for childbirth, we began our journey back to the Jersey side. But first, we all needed caffeine to stave off the food coma.

Sitting around Cosi, we ended up getting into a rather in-depth conversation about make up, which made me realize that, although I enjoy being friends with women who are not average “girly girls,” I am glad I have people to discuss these things with, because clearly there is a lot of shit out there I know nothing about. And now I’ve learned there are several things I need to add to my growing list of  girly “wants,” including:

Private Red lipstick. I love red lipstick. LOVE it. It think there’s nothing cooler/more glamorous than a woman who can pull off blood-red lips. There is just one problem to this product: it is seemingly impossible (at least for me) to pull off a shade that works. I have tried. I have even boldly tried shades that I knew would not work, until I lost my nerve after about 10 minutes and sneaked to the bathroom the wipe it away.

But Jen was telling us all about this miracle pout paint that reacts to a person’s pH levels, creating a shade of red most complimentary for one’s coloring. I cannot express how excited I was by this; I probably should not have been excited as I was. But we were all excited–so excited that we began searching for the closest Sephora location to where we were then sitting so we could all nab our own tubes of this apparent miracle cosmetic. We didn’t end up making it there, which is just as well, being I have a European adventure to save for and can’t really justify spending $22 on lipstick, but I excitedly away the next time my paycheck permits a splurge on non-essentials…

The next item on that list would be what Larissa dubbed The Best Blush in the World, aka: NARS’s Orgasm (“a name I did not feel comfortable sharing with my mother…”). Similarly to Personal Red, this is apparently an Every Girl’s blush: somehow the company found the perfect blends of pinks/peach hues that look good on just about any (facial) cheeks.  Considering how freaking difficult it has been for me to even begin to find a proper blush color (this is one of the cosmetics I have the least interest/focus on, and I end up staring blankly at 6,000 seemingly similar shades of blush until I pick the one I think will make me least look like a Golden Girl. I manage to never be successful…).

Added bonus on both of these products? Both companies are cruelty free!! Holla!!

The third and final girly want derived from this afternoon’s conversation is a subscription to Birch Box’s monthly beauty sample delivery program. I especially love this because I do not generally keep up on what’s “new,” so it’s nice that someone is able to do the work for me, for only $10 a month! The only issue I have is that I’m sure it’ll be impossible to hope that all the products used are also cruelty free…it’s still worth investigating, though…

So, those are the latest things piquing my interest. Anything out there you guys think is worth the nod?

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