Our attendance in the US v Turkey game at the Linc on May 29th is confirmed!!! I got presale info yesterday and purchased my midfield seats within 15 minutes of getting the email!! w00t w00t.

That is about the most exciting thing going on right now.

Beyond that, it’s just another rainy, miserable day in New Jersey, although I’m admittedly grateful that we’re dealing with rain and not snow (but there is talk of snow on the way… WAAAAHHHHHHH). This work week already feels long and it’s only Tuesday. I guess it’s the weather, or maybe it’s just the natural tendency for February…

I started watching Glee last night and am officially hooked. Sure, it’s cheesy and fluffy, but there’s singing and dancing and wonderful guest appearances. I think the show really took my heart when Kristin Chenoweth sang “Maybe This Time” :

and officially sealed the deal with this:

(Jen L., if you’re out there, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the 2nd clip!!)

We made a tasty dinner last night: homemade matzo ball soup and latkes, and are planning to follow it up with some butter bean burgers tonight. I just remembered about an hour ago that the Toast to George is tonight, but this rain is killing my motivation to do anything other than put on sweatpants and sing along to Glee.

Here are a couple other highlights from the day:

1. a tasty (and cheap!) fresh salad from ACME during a lunch run with some coworkers
2. another coworker’s mom made a delicious apple cake with caramel topping for us (soooo good. ate waayyy too much of it…)
3. got a call from the marketing guy at The Riversharks. I connected with them to get some comp tickets for our Hoppy Hour (which they obliged us with very quickly!!) and he was touching base to let us know about some other fundraising opportunities that we could do with them. It was nice to hear about these other options and kind of cool to hear what sounded like genuine interest in our cause.

(BTW- if you are in the NJ area and can come to our Hoppy Hour on May 1st, it would really, really mean the world to me. We’ve been really working hard to get together some great auction prizes and Shady Katie’s is a fun spot to hang out!)

Well, now all my rambling and shameless plugging is out of the way, I’m heading out to brave the terrible weather (in heels and mismatched dress socks, no less…).

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  1. Hell yes! I love Glee! The first season just started over here. Scott won’t get into it, but I don’t care. And I loved that football dance, but I loved Kurt doing Single Ladies in the beginning of the episode even more.

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