I’m having one of “those days” today.

One of those forgot-my-work-laptop-at-home-and -realized-it-on-the-drive-in-to-work-then-turned-around-to-get-it-and-hit-a-shit-ton-of-traffic-and-ended-up-being-close-to-an-hour-late days.

Only to realize that my laptop still wouldn’t work at work and so for the first 2+ hours of work, I had no access to email, which was especially frustrating because my first project is launching on Monday and there were about 289,290,390 emails that needed to be sent.

Also to realize that I had an hour and a half long meeting that was starting 20 minutes after I got into the office. There was no time to think, let alone get some damned caffeine.

A happy camper I was not.

Mix all this in with the frustration of the snow, the frustration of even getting to my car in the piss-poorly kept lot at our apt. and the fact that I have INSANE cabin fever (even though I’m out of the house I am still sitting in front of a computer), I am about to LOSE IT.

I have a TON of work that I need to get done, but I just want to get out of here… I’m debating just taking my laptop home with me (now that I have one that works!) since D is working Sunday anyway…

decisions, decisions…

Eventually I will have a recap of “Snowpocalypse” up. It’s just taking FOREVER to write and once I start working on it again, I have to revise the tense to reflect when it will post. Blergh.

Anyway, I hope, dear readers, your day is going better than mine… at least I can be grateful for the new laptop and the tasty Kashi Peanut Peanut Butter Bar that’s getting me through the afternoon.