Help a brotha out!

My friend Joe is currently #6 in a contest that he needs to be at least in the Top 5 of to advance. He’s hardworking and talented and he needs YOUR votes. Tell your friends, tell your family… no sign up necessary, just clicking the link below and then clicking “vote” (his entry is “My Voice is on TV because of Berklee”).

Berkleemusic: Live from Studio You Contest.

In other news, Thanksgiving preparations are underway. I cut up 4 loaves of bread for stuffing last night and began candying the yams. Today, after I clean up the apartment a bit (our vet is stopping in to check on Simon, our parents cat, who is staying with us until his leg heals–the benefit of the mobile vet is the convenience; the downside is having to clean so we I am not found out for the mess I am. It’s actually not too bad, but the bunnies definitely went rockstars in their crate last night).

Anyway, once that’s taken care of, it’s time to prep the apples for baking and to hopefully make the cornbread. I’m actually trying to mimic Silk City’s cornbread recipe (drizzling with a jalapeno honey sauce and grilling it for a few minutes before serving), so we’ll see how that shakes out. Then tomorrow at my parents, I’ll finish up the stuffing, throw everything that needs the oven in, and make the mashed potatoes. Fortunately, the turkey is on my brother, so I don’t have to worry about that (or think about cooking a giant bird carcass…), but I’m definitely having some anxiety over the stuffing! I feel like if that doesn’t pan out (pun only sort of intended…), then I will never be allowed such ultimate responsibility again (people love their stuffing).

So anyone out there prepping for Turkey day? If so, what are you making?

And with that, I’m off. The dustbuster calleth!

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