Here’s to the good days.

Today was a good day–nothing too crazy to write home about, but I figure I should write all the same…

In an unprecedented move, I am going to simply focus on the good things that happened today… (I’ll save the bitching for another time).

1. My first project for work successfully launched today and even includes a by-lined story for me! w00t w00t. Just don’t ask me what the hell HbA1c assay is ’cause I think I’m still only about 75% sure…
2. Woobs was off today so he helped me get through my morning routine, allowing me to only be a little late today. Hooray for an egg & mushroom scramble and a preheated car!
3. It’s great to have a new work computer. After dealing with the beast that was dubbed “the worst laptop in the company,” I’m excited to be the proud owner of the newest laptop around cubeland. It’s nothing major fancy, but it’s fast and has a big ol’ screen and it works like a dream from home. Huzzah.
4. It looks like we have the potential to get a pretty sweet tax return back this year… hopefully. I have to double check that all my stuff is entered correctly, but I’m already fantasizing about paying off one of the credit cards. I briefly fantasized about actually making good of my World Cup tickets, but well… we just can’t swing the cost of that.
5. It looks like we might be able to swing a mini getaway to the Poconos. I’ve been wanting to go skiing for forever but most of our friends aren’t really into skiing or are broke or have adorable children, so it hasn’t been an option, but our two friends Chad and Donna said they’d be interested in going tubing up there. It just so happens that in a few weeks there’s going to be a “Tubing Fest” and for something like $60 pp we can go and get lodging. It won’t be the Ritz Carlton, I’m sure, but I’ve never stayed there anyway, so how should I know what I’m missing?
6. I’m getting to understand this blog/sit management stuff a little better and although that isn’t obvious right now, hopefully it will be soon(ish).
7. I found a site that offers some pretty cool/inexpensive hikes around the area. They do other trips (including an upcoming tour to Laurel Hill Cemetary, which sounds like it’d be pretty cool. It’s giving me something to look forward to, especially once spring finally comes (please hurry, friend) and especially because I’m bummed I can’t afford the Kiplin Hall Alumni trip this summer.
8. I had a friend in my old department shoot my an email after passing in the hall asking if I lost weight. As far as I know, I haven’t, but maybe it’s because I’ve shown some restraint this Girl Scout cookie season? No gorging and then failed attempts at eating disorders for me this year!
9. As always, the bunnies have entertained today. Foo has the habit of snuggling underneath my feet while I type on the computer. I rub her head with the ball of my feet and I hear her grinding her teeth in sheer joy for the attention. This morning when I was getting ready in the front bathroom, I accidently knocked over Joe’s dish of pellets (we generally don’t give them pellets because they aren’t great for rabbits and are mainly used to fatten them up if they’re being used for food, but Joe’s been dropping weight and he’s already a little guy so he gets fed them on the sly). I bent over to pick them up, a little frazzled because I didn’t want to be really late when, out of nowhere, Joe appeared and “helped” by furiously eating all the fallen bits. D must have accidently left the door to their room cracked and Joe, being the smart little bastard he is, seized the opportunity for emancipation. Although I didn’t witness it, D tried to sneak in here to get me to go in the living room and witness Matilda’s freak out. Apparently she had jumped on the long couch and kept running the length of it, doing binkies (happy bunny jumps) at the same time. I kept trying to take pictures of her with Donnie, but everything the flash started to go off, she darted. Smart little bitch.
10. I had a really horrible, fucked up nightmare but it led to a pretty awesome idea for a short story. I started to flesh it out today, but didn’t have the opportunity to really get it where I wanted. Hopefully I’ll be able to work on that in the next few days/weeks. If I can actually write this (and not burn out/get all lazy), it has the potential to be pretty crazy/cool/fucked up. It’d be the first “horror” piece I’ve ever written. How that for build up, eh?

3 thoughts on “Here’s to the good days.

  1. Don’t feel too bad about Kiplin. I revisited the money situation and realised I couldn’t afford it either. Not even close. And that’s WITHOUT plane tickets. It’s really expensive, especially for a week trip to somewhere only about 3 hours away from me. It’s going to cost half as much to take the trip to Italy I’ve been wanting to take. And it’s a longer trip.

  2. @Kate- I agree– I’d LOVE to go, but we could basically actually go to S. Africa for how much it’d cost to go on Kiplin Hall– was it always this expensive??
    @Karen– the site is
    Let me know if you’re interested–we’re definitely doing the hike with the pie shop at the top!! 🙂 I think this might actually be one way to get myself excited about exercising 😉

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