holy productiveness, Batman!

After weeks/months/years(?) of putting it off and putting it off, I’m FINALLY officially on to rewriting book 2 of my thesis. I’m amazed at how much I got done tonight… granted, I wrote myself into a bit of a corner (for now) and the whole time I’m thinking “Does this make sense?” “Should I edit it down?” “How will this work with the flow of book I?” but I was still successful in telling myself to power through it enough to get about 4 pages and 1000+ words written.

And that is usually the hardest part.

Even after 5 years of on again/off again work on this project, I’m still excited for it. I still think it has great potential. I recognize this might not be the Great American Graphic Novel, but I’m much prouder of what I’ve been able to do with it the 2nd/3rd time around than what I submitted as my senior thesis (I shudder when I think of how horrid that “final draft” was. Sigh.).

I am happy to see places where I can fit the “good” parts from that into the new, revamped script, and I feel confident that if I can just get book II written and polished, that I will be much more motivated to get book 3 done. I’m also happy that I’m still happy with where Book I took me. I’m still workshopping it with a friend, but I also want him to see the story progress of the 2nd book before really making changes.

I’ve already started to look into some perspective illustrators, but I think I really need to have my finished product before I can really dive into that part of the process… also, I need to figure out how I can afford a solid illustrator. But I also have to throw the big red flag of PATIENCE up when I start to freak out about that. First step: write the fucking thing. Second step: figure how to get it drawn.

Today is a celebration! Today is a step towards further motivation. Today is another day that counts towards actually getting NvS DONE.

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  1. I could see you were in “the zone” so i made the call to leave you be and i was extremely tired. Let me know when i can read it.

  2. … and they have many connections to other artists if their style isn’t right. One of Gina’s BFFs does comics and is working on his own graphic novel (I think).

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