I Can Haz World Cup Game

OK, so as most of you reading this know, I have 2 tickets to the Cape Town South Africa match on June 11th. This was awesome, until we realize how jacked up airfare is to South Africa (more jacked up than we even expected…).

Not wanting to go into total debt, we begrudgingly called off the trip… I feel bittersweet about this, but I know it’s for the best. (I’m all for “living in the moment” but how can I really justify a trip that essentially would translate into $325 a day? Maybe if I had $325 to blow daily…)

Fortunately for me, soccer is invading the states, specifically the state next door to my state.

I’m already pumped for The Philadelphia Union‘s first season (Donnie just got me their jersey for V-day!!), but the soccer news just keeps getting better and better…

My coworker alerted me to this today!!!

So, alright, it definitely would have been awesome to cross continents and watch the World Cup teams battle it out in S. Africa, but I know have the chance to watch the US team in their final match before the World Cup and only have to cross the bridge?? I think our bank account can handle that!!!!!