If this is feeling merry, how much longer must it last?

After a bit of an unexpected rough night, I woke up today feeling frustrated, mainly because I intended on taking advantage of the unusually warm weather (I was really hoping to make it to The Christmas Village in Love Park). A very large part of me wanted to continue to be frustrated and wallow in it, but as I’ve been learning more and more, happiness is choice and I was determined to still make the best of the day.

I am fortunate that Donnie was willing to help me make the most of the day and that he was OK with staying in. He picked up lunch (Primo’s, one of my favorites), and ran a couple of errands to help me with my projects. My parents also decided to hang in most of the day, so we had the opportunity to all hang out and just be lazy together. So, I spent most of the day couch-bound, but I still managed to accomplish some things: I worked more on my wreath, which I’ve been posting about, tinkered on stuff with the blog, and took care of some Christmas shopping.  It was not the day I expected it to be, but it was still a good day all the same.

Below is today’s song in the Christmas Music Countdown. I figured its sentiment was the perfect complement for today.

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