I’m like the heal of the hurt

It’s Friday. It’s been a long few weeks. I’m tired, my belly is full (went to Silk City with Bikki tonight…I know the summer is nearing an end and the strawberry basil margaritas will soon be retired. SAD FACE).

Anyway, I’ve probably partially written about 29820983 blogs this past week, but I’ve been too tired/busy/distracted to finish any of them. I can’t believe how much random shit I’ve had to do and how much more of it still needs to be done. But I wanted to get some electronic ink on the screen so those still reading don’t assume me dead or negligent.

So, here’s a quick list of the things that I am obsessing over are currently piquing my interest:


I’ve found quite a few punch-in-the-gut songs recently that have been stuck on repeat endlessly. I imagine they’ll be making their way to my fall mix, for those of you who subscribed to my burned CD mailing list…

Broken Social Scene. “Call of Forgiveness”

BBS scene is one of those bands that I know I like and I know puts out good music, but I always unexpectedly find one song by them that catches my ear without me realizing it’s them (e.g., “Anthems of a 17-year old girl”). Heard this on the Paste mix CD (I got D a surprise subscription) and kept throwing this song on repeat. It’s haunting and beautifully executed. Maybe I’m a sucker for a well used synth, but combined with Lisa Lobsinger’s airy vocals, and you’ve got a song perfect for a roadtrip on a crisp fall day or a mellow night at home.

One eskimO. “kandi”

Just heard this song on Wednesday and have easily listened to it 200 times. I’m only slightly exaggerating. I’ve listened to it so much I actually wondered if it might be possible to wear out a YouTube video. As if the song isn’t addictive on its own, its coupled with a cool little animated narrative (which accompanies several of the songs/videos). I found a live version of the song and it’s just a solid. Also a true testament to the legitimacy of an artist. This isn’t just studio smoke and mirrors: they are talented musicians with strong voices.


Get Low

As my husband will attest, it takes a lot for me to like a movie beyond 3 stars or an “eh” rating. Although I love a mindless popcorn flick or romantic comedy as much as the next guy, to really love a movie I need to be blown away. Get Low managed to restore my dwindled faith in the movie industry.

I can’t completely put my finger on why I loved this movie so much, but overall I think it was because so much was done right. The story and writing were solid, the acting and casting phenomenal. There were a few moments were I was certain the movie might “jump the shark” and fall to conventional (cliche) movie plot-pushing tactics, but each time I was pleasantly surprised that it allowed the story to continue unscathed. Robert Duvall and Bill Murray stood out for their performances, but that is not to say the rest of the cast didn’t hold their own. And truly, the costume and set designers should also be commended–everything felt so perfectly antiquated that you couldn’t help but feel transported. I’m debating seeing it again, actually, but I don’t want to ruin the way I feel about the film… we shall see…