I’m Your Dolly, Stuffed With Extra Baggage

Today’s one of those days where I’m just plugging along, trying not to let the overhead fluorescent lights of the office affect the throbbing happening behind my eyes anymore than it already has. It hasn’t been a bad day, but it’s hasn’t been a particularly exciting one, either, but I figured I owed the blog an update since I recently resolved to get back into the swing of writing in here again.

Aren’t you glad I made the effort today? 😛

I went to the boardwalk last night and played pinball and skeeball until I reached a point of zen. If I ever strike it rich, or moderately wealthy, I will have a mini arcade in my house featuring these games (and maybe Pac Man, too).

[For the record, this is the pinball machine I want. I actually found an arcade down in Austin that has it–and was selling it–but I just couldn’t justify the cost/effort it would take to transport it back to Jersey… If anyone has any more local leads on where to find this, hit me up]


One thought on “I’m Your Dolly, Stuffed With Extra Baggage

  1. I think you should buy the pinball machine. Continue the spiral. I’ll buy a skeeball machine in solidarity. It would be a sacrifice, but I can manage…

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