Is this weekend recap still relevant…?

OK, so it’s Thursday and in fact, we’re closer to the next weekend than we are to what’s passed, but I have like, 6 blogs that are half started that I’m determined to actually finish… (although at this point, I might just make my “snowpocalypse” blog a private one because frankly, it’s pathetically outdated…

Anyway–last weekend was pretty good, though fairly lowkey.

I got done early Friday and made an impromptu trip to Reading Market, where I got my fish taco on (…wow, that sounds terribly suggestive. But for once, I actually mean a literal culinary dish) at Cantina. The purpose of this was 2-fold: to get delicious, delicious food and to get validated parking (saving me $13 at the parking garage, w00t w00t!).  I didn’t browse too long at the Market, mainly because a) I didn’t have cash which some of our fav. stops there require b) Woobs wasn’t there to carry out our “usual routine,” c) for whatever reason, I was really, really sensitive to the various smells mingling together there (diff. food stands/butcher shops/fish markets, etc.) I SWEAR that I am not pregnant, but I’ve been noticing this sensitivity more in the past few days… maybe it’s because my allergies haven’t been as bad so I’m actually able to smell? Who knows…

Anyway, after picking up cheap bunny food at the corner produce stand I made my way back to NJ. I was grateful that the roads in Philly and Camden were surprisingly clear after all the snow, snow/rain/slush mix so this wasn’t an issue. D was on his way home, so I started to clean up the apartment, which was severely neglected for the past couple of days.

We’ve mainly hung out  Friday night, watching our separate shows (I finally finished Glee–I think I’m dedicating a whole post just to my recap on that. Does the fun ever START?) and then coming together to watch a movie and a documentary on Nickola Tesla after wolfing down some mozzarella fries.  Essentially I was a stand in for Tina Fey as Liz Lemon.

Whatever. Saturday ended up being busy, so a lowkey night ain’t no thing…

I had an appointment to get my hair did early Saturday afternoon so I thought that would be a perfect opportunity to drag Donnie to go with me bring D so we could get a few errands done while we were out. This didn’t go quite as planned (we’ve been looking at a new phone for D since his contract has been up for 3 years now, but he opted to wait and get one online TIP FOR VERIZION CUSTOMERS: If you buy your phone online, you don’t have to worry about mail-in rebates… they are automatically deducted. Sweet!). So instead of checking out phones, D browsed Barnes & Noble until I was finished.

I’d like to take this time to say how much I actually dig my hairstylist, Desiree. I’ve been having trouble finding a decent place since we moved and finally gave in and tried the Ulta salon, and I’ve been very pleased. It’s not super cheap, but it’s not totally outrageous ($35 for a shampoo/cut/blow dry). Desiree is friendly and sweet and I’m actually able to carry pleasantries with her without it being strained or awkward. We’re not going to be going out for drinks anytime soon, but the hour I spend with her is enjoyable and I don’t worry about how my hair is going to look when she’s done.

After meeting back up with D we decided to hit up Kabuki, the hibachi/sushi place in the same shopping center that has pretty tasty sushi. The senior citizen in me got kind of pissy because we JUST missed their lunch special by like, 10 minutes and the bitchy waiter wasn’t budging on hooking us up (yes, I asked… twice. It was a $12 price difference!!) We got the 3 spicy roll combo, which is good (although they all end up tasting the same with all the spice/roe they put on it. Once we finished there, we attempted to hit up Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up stuff that’s been on our “to get” list for the past several weeks. We realized when we got in there that we didn’t have the store credit slip we needed or D’s wallet/driver’s license (TIP FOR BED BATH AND BEYOND CUSTOMERS: a friend told me that they can look up your driver’s license to see if you have any credit in case you lose that piece of paper they give you…).

We headed home and started to get ready for our hangout session with Chris & Karen. I was kind of hoping for a nap, but I totally waited until the last minute to start making the quiches we said we’d bring: mushroom, spinach, and Parmesan, and 3 cheese (buffalo sauce chedder, Parm, and umm… damn, I can’t remember the third :)) and Donnie’s famous banuffins (recipe ala Kateness!!). We pretty much left right after they were done, so I was a little tired, but of course that went away once we got there. We said our brief hellos before gorging digging in to the yummy broccoli mac n’cheese that Karen made and our quiches. The piece de resistance, however, was the amazing chocolate brownie/peppermint patty cupcakes that Karen made. OMG. Admittedly, I did not really appreciate them as much that night as I did the next day (my throat was a little sore). I seriously woke up and my body immediately craved them (Karen, if you’re out there, my birthday is July 22nd… :)) We retired to our usual spots in the living room and shot the shit, learning interesting things (for example, Chris has ADD… hahaha. youhadtobethere) until Donnie gave me the oh-my-god-I’m-so-tired-face and we headed home (but not before Karen gave me some awesome tips on some must-buy kitchen products. Look for a “Shit I like” blog about that in the near future… :))

I wasn’t able to get to bed ’til close to 3 and ended up waking up super early, but knew damn well that I would not be staying up for very long. I still wasn’t feel so hot and so I message my friend, whom I had brunch plans with, that I was going to cancel, then promptly gulped down some Nyquil before passing out on the couch. My body really, really must have needed it because I was pretty much out until 3 p.m. (friends who have children–jealous??) and woke up just in time for the Canada/US Olympics hockey game. We really didn’t watch a lot of the Olympics and probably would have watched even less if we had cable, but we were both interested in seeing the game. It was a good one too, even if the Canucks won…

The rest of the night was…uneventful. My biggest accomplishment was getting off the couch and eating wayy too many baked goods (I don’t know if the latter is really much of an “accomplishment”…).

So friends, there you have it. That was the big recap you missed out on…

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  1. Dude! I made your blog! Awesome:) LOL
    I’m glad you enjoyed the cupcakes. Of course you know I loved the quiche and the banuffins only lasted an extra day or two because we were trying to be reasonably with our diets. haha And, day-um, you guys did have a busy Saturday! Hope you’re feeling better this week!
    OH! Rumpelmintz! That was the shit I was trying to think of that night — that I can’t use peppermint flavored toothpaste because of…

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