it’s only sad if you let it break your heart.

So, to avoid people freaking out about my last post, which was a bit somber, I figure I should write and update you all to my yoga adventures.

Current status? Very, very sore.

But, although sore, I am happy with it. The past week has really felt productive in my practice and I feel like I’ve been able to get to the “next’ level, although there is, of course, plenty of work to be done (damn you, standing bow!! I will master you soon enough!).

As mentioned in the last post about yoga, Ali and Karen came to last week’s Bikram’s class to try it out. As was for me (and everyone else), the first class was tough, but they both got through it without leaving the room!! (This is pretty huge, considering adjusting to/working out in a 100+ degree room for an hour and a half is no small feat…) The jury is still out on whether they’ll return: the studio is a bit of a hike for Karen and Ali is currently training for a marathon, and the intense workout from the class interferes with her schedule. Also, she almost died. (OK, well not really, but she had a pretty scary post-class body breakdown…)

Since my awful Monday class last week, my experiences have improved. This isn’t to say the classes haven’t been extremely challenging (hence the terrible soreness in my shoulders and back), but I feel more in control of my body, my breathing, my mindset. On class days, I am much more conscientious of  what I eat, how much I drink, and my breathing. I literally work all day to focus myself for class.

Today I got through Bikram without feeling like I was going to die/be sick, and I actually was surprised that class did not seem to be 5 years long. Also, I was able to do camel and rabbit without blacking out/wanting to yak, so hooray for that!  Yesterday I tried a flow class, which was a nice juxtaposition to the more rigid style I’ve been exclusively doing. It was definitely a challenge and a workout, but I felt more equipped to follow that class and do well my first time because I started out in Bikram.

So, I think my set weekly schedule will include the Tues flow class and the Wednesday Bikram, although I already know I’ll have to miss next Wednesday…

BUT, I am excited for WHY I have to miss next week’s class (and I can just go on Thursday instead): CO-PILOT is coming to town!!! Yessir, folks, the best thing to come out of TX since Torchy’s tacos is making its way up the East Coast!! Sadly, most of their shows during the first leg of the tour are in Canada, but they WILL be playing in DC on July 6, so if you can, ch-ch-check ’em out!!

Equally exciting, I think Parr will be coming into town next Thursday. It will be a brief hang out time, but it’s better than nothing. Woooo being on the same coast 🙂

So, those are some positive things currently taking place.

And now it’s time for bed…

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