let the write one in…

Well, blog, I hope this isn’t considered cheating, but I’ve taken up with a new site… this isn’t a replacement for my dear ol’ friend; instead, it’s an extension of my writing endeavors.

My first contribution to When Falls the Coliseum came about a week ago. Friend and writing mentor, Chris, who has a weekly column on the site, suggested I try my hand at writing for it. I was excited, but admittedly nervous — not so much about writing, but about keeping up with the writing. As anyone who reads this site regularly already knows, consistency is not really my strong suite. But I am up for the challenge and am eager to try to quell some better writing habits from this experience and continue to grow as a writer.

Please check out my articles, here, and here, and leave a little love in the comment section. 🙂 Special thanks to all of you who already have!


While I’m pimping myself out, I thought I’d share this totally unrelated little gem from a few months back (how quickly time flies!). I’ve been meaning to link to it, but kept forgetting. Anyway, Woobs and I were featured on the local news after attending State of the Union Bingo at the National Constitution Center. Friends have continuously ragged on me for looking pissed while D’s talking, but I was trying to keep with the tone of the conversation!! Should I be smiling while he talks about our friends affected by unemployment?! (Hi Tim!! Hi Parr!!) C’mon, people–I’m sadistic, but not that sadistic!!

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  1. HAHA I mean, I’m hardly suffering!!!
    Congrats on the new writing gig – loved both pieces! XO

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