making up for lost time.

Whew! After an insanely busy week, we had a fun, but full weekend! I’m extremely behind on my “what I’m thankful fors,” so I’m going to try to cram them all into 2 longer, more fantastic blog posts. Today’s installment will be Wednesday-Friday, although I might not be able to come up for 5 for each day, considering I can’t remember that far back 🙂 Tomorrow hopefully I can catch up with Saturday through Monday.


  1. That I made it through the day. This might seem like a silly thing to be thankful for, but after stumbling through my sleep-deprived, zombie-like state, I was just so grateful to get done what I needed to do and not pass out from total exhaustion.
  2. Ikea’s sweet tooth indulgences. I was exhausted, but also craving Ikea’s chocolate indulgence cake and Donnie was willing to indulge my craving. We made our way over the bridge for a healthy meal of mac n’ cheese and chocolate cake and then after walking around a bit, polishing off the trip with a cinnabun from the snack bar before heading out.
  3. Getting a full night’s sleep. Funny how we take the little things for granted until we are without them… although I always love me some sleepy time, it’s so much sweeter when I’ve been without it for an extended period of time….


  1. Phree Philly Phun. D often laments on missing out on the amazing line ups that The Alamo Drafthouse usually boasts, so imagine our excitement when the traveling roadshow announced a stop in Philly! We were sure if schedules would permit us to go, but we both ended up obligation free that night. We packed ourselves a picnic lunch and made our way to the art museum steps, where we not only watched Rocky I, II & III, with Chris and his cousin. It was a nice night, aside from almost getting jumped by 2 dirt bags who had been drinking  the duration of the 3 films…
  2. Every month with Rachel Ray. It’s funny how a magazine subscription could brighten one’s day, especially when that magazine is Everyday with Rachel Ray. I’m sure I’m revoking tons of street cred by admitting to this, but I love her magazine. I always find good recipes in there and enjoy the articles. D picked up on my not-so-subtle you-should-get-me-a-subscription-for-my-birthday hints and kindly obliged. The first issue came in the mail Thursday and although I haven’t had the chance to look through it yet, I am looking forward to having some downtime this weekend to do so.
  3. Bark if you love coupons. Petco’s been doing this online promotion/scavenger hunt thing which has including “daily deals” you can collect by checking out their FB and Twitter pages. I happened to be checking my FB right after they posted their latest deal: $25 off a $50 purchase. I immediately went to their site and bought $50 worth of Carefresh litter for the buns. Being excited over litter sounds pretty ridic, but considering how expensive it is and how good of a deal we got, I was kind of on cloud 9 about this one for awhile…
  4. Accomplishment rears its handsome head. Although this was only the first step, I got our initial grant application materials submitted to get the ball rolling for having our buns in the local Petco store! The wait time is a bit of a bitch–about 4-6 weeks before they’ll green light us through to the next step–but once we get through this part, we’ll be golden.


  1. Flex time. Whenever I might feel down about my job, I am reminded nearly every Friday why it’s an OK place to work: On this glorious day, employees have the option of leaving at noon (as long as you make up the time during the week). How many other people’s jobs encourage you to extend your weekend?
  2. Bonding with strangers. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who had a long week. After a little TGIF banter with the guy who works the front desk, I got on the elevator with two other women who looked as tired/defeated as me. The one overheard my conversation with the guy downstairs and shared her own excitement for the week’s end. The other women then chimed in and explained how she had left work early because she just couldn’t get through the rest of the day. By the time I hit the 5th floor, I felt comforted knowing that I had the support and sympathy of my fellow woman.
  3. Nap time. After walking around exhausted for about 2 weeks straight, it felt so good to come home, plop down, and pass out the minute my head hit the arm of the couch. I literally had fantasized about that moment all week, and when it came, it proved to be as sweet as I had anticipated.
  4. Surprise concert time. Although I was tired, I had wanted to check out the David Gray/Ray LaMontagne concert happening down the street. These two are some of my favorite artists, and although we had attempted previously, we never got to see David Gray in concert (I’m pretty sure I have seen Ray LaMontagne, but my memory is so shitty with those kinds of things and I haven’t really taken the time to investigate whether that’s accurate). I hadn’t bought tickets, a) because I’m cheap and b) because I thought I might be able to get them cheap off a scalper the day-of, especially because I didn’t expect the show to sell out.
  5. 24-hour diner time. You would think that living in Jersey, finding a good 24-hour to call your own would be a cinch, but sadly most of these establishment now observe more conservative hours (mainly due in part to the clientele/crime generally synonymous with the late night hours).