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We’re working on the next Bulletin Board at work and in honor of June, we’re doing a whole thing on weddings. It’s funny to see the people you work with submit these really sweet photos and write ups about their wedding, their life, their significant other. The coworker who I do the BB with has been getting all excited about wedding stuff, and it’s infected me. I’ve spent a good portion of this afternoon getting sentimental about my own wedding. Some coworkers and I have been sharing things back and forth via email, and I keep looking up photos and links to songs to send, and finally I decided I would post some stuff here, because isn’t that what this blog is for, anyway?

So, enjoy my mushy, gushy trip down Memory Lane. I certainly did. 🙂

The Ceremony

My bridesmaids and I walked out to the Theme from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Not only is this one of my favorite movies, but D and I saw a midnite showing of this on our “first date.”

We started with the first reading, A Wedding Prayer, by Robert Louis Stevenson (probably the most religious part of the ceremony), read by my cousin.

Then my other cousin Monica read an excerpt from The Velveteen Rabbit (2:07 to 4:58)

My brother read the poem Sunlight, by Seamus Heaney

Our final reading was the short essay by David Sedaris, The End of The Affair by our friend Lara.

Next, we had a “soil blending ceremony.” As per our program book, “To commemorate the union between the couple and the bond that their families now share, Sara and Donnie will blend the soil from Sara’s family farm in Hammonton, New Jersey and Donnie’s hometown of Lake Charles, Louisiana, with the assistance of their mothers, René and Judy.”

And then we done got married.

BONUS FACT: The Judge who married us is the guy who wrote Boardwalk Empire, which (as you can see from the link), is being made into an HBO series.

Donnie loves to point out how I'm "dragging him" down the aisle. Whatevs.

The processional hymn, at the request of my dad, was Marble Halls (an aria from The Bohemian Girl, made popular most recently by Enya).

Mike stole the show with 2 lovely ladies on his arm.

NEXT BLOG (coming soon?): The Reception!

2 thoughts on “Meet me in Montauk

  1. Remember when the people that played the Eternal Sunshine theme (i wish i could remember who they were) called us when they had it nailed. They played it for us over the phone while we were waiting outside of Chili’s across from the Deptford Mall. Strange but the rest of the night was a blur because i was so excited to actually here them play it at our wedding.

  2. Aww, I like your wedding. I’m sorry we weren’t there. But then I wouldn’t blame you for choosing Australia over my wedding if that’s ever the situation.

    In any case, I really like seeing the different stuff people do for their weddings, especially when they aren’t the traditional religious thing. That soil blending ceremony is awesome.

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