Moment of Zen: Video Killed the Radio Star

Today’s moment of Zen is brought to you by our recent trip to the Goodwill. I was craving some more seasonal beer so we decided to take a trip to Canal’s, and the two just so happen to be in the same complex.

“Wanna take a look around?” D asked as we parked.

“Sure–big night out. First Goodwill then the liquor store…”

“Hey, that is a big night out for some people…”

D and I made our way around the store, checking out the different strange treasures that we could find. We frequent thrift shops often and have our various go-to areas,-specifically, the VHS and record collections (Donnie likes obscure VHS and I love weird retro international records like, Viva! Songs from Spain!, or Bella Vita–the Sultry Songs of Sicily).

Donnie was initially excited to find Streets of Fire, which apparently is a random movie that I’ve seen a clip of (and have zero recollection of), but the collection of Sweatin’ to the Oldies adorning the shelves is what first stood out to me. Since a friend’s birthday recently passed and we hadn’t found her a gift (and she just so happens to still have a VHS player), we decided to peruse the shelves to find a sort-of gag gift.

This was the stack we decided on. Some of the titles were hilarious, some of them nostalgic. Some of them are movies we probably would watch if they were on basic cable and we had nothing better to do but lay around on the couch. And Happiness, well, that’s just one of the most disturbing movies ever. Ever.

Bonus find: Original Jem VHS from 1987 with a hard plastic cover over the original paper cover! I was willing to part with G.I. Joe the move (the original version), but Jem… I needed to keep that one for me 🙂

Scoring crazy stuff at thrift shops/yard sales anyone else’s bag? And if so, what’s been your best find?

3 thoughts on “Moment of Zen: Video Killed the Radio Star

  1. Can I borrow Country Line Dance Aerobics? I’ve been wondering how I could punk the crowd at Prospector’s and just got my answer.

  2. I think I was with you when I found the crazy festive Nativity scene at a thrift store! Still my favorite find!

  3. I actually put back STREETS OF FIRE to for GREASE. I kinda felt bad giving Cayce a shit ton of shitty movies.
    My best find was a dvd for a movie called PRIMER. Low budget sci fi movie that is well regarded but only issued once and now the dvd costs up to $75 on some sites.

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