Moment/Music of Zen

I have a growing list of songs I’ve recently become addicted to, but this one has been on the top for some time now. I’ve been wanting to hold off on posting it ’til closer to winter/Christmas/New Year’s because I think it’ll be the perfect complement to that time of year, but reasons to post the song sooner keep on popping up.

I’m a firm believer that specific music finds you at the time you need it most, and I often have found that certain songs that I love tend to “follow me” around–once I’ve attached myself to them (or them to me), I end up hearing them when I first turn on my car, out at a restaurant or bar, or when I’m waiting in line at the grocery store. I like to believe that hearing “that” song when I’m out someplace or on my way to something–whether it be going to work, meeting up with someone, or attending a particular event–is validation by God/the universe/the radio DJ that I am exactly where I should be exactly when I need to be.

So I was pretty floored last week when I heard this song come on when I was browsing around in a cool little indie shop with my best friend in San Fran. Hearing that song on that trip in that shop at that moment was so exhilarating and comforting, for a number of reasons: First off, this song is not something I necessarily expect to hear while out and about, being it’s not really played on the radio (though I’m pretty sure the dude was just playing his own DIY playlist). Second, the song is actually a few years old at this point, so it’s not even something I’d assume I’d hear anymore, even in venues more likely to play this band. And third, and most importantly, I haven’t had that music/life sync up happen for quite some time now and I was beginning to think that maybe I derailed so much that it wasn’t a phenomenon I would have the pleasure to experience anymore, or any time soon.

So after a particularly strange year, one that’s come with a lot of life lessons learned, lots of growth, lots of disappointment and lots of pleasant surprises, I’m glad my song was able to find me, even if I was 3,000 miles away from home, and let me know “it’s gonna be a good year/out of the darkness/and into the fire.”

I think I was waiting to post this song and really embrace it closer to winter/New Year’s since that is the traditional/convenient time to incite change and new leaf turning. But then I realized, why wait? My change is now. My new year is now. And it’s gonna be good, goddamnit. My song is telling me so.

Anyone out there have something that’s been particularly speaking/singing to them recently? What song/album/band/artist have you recently fallen in love with?

3 thoughts on “Moment/Music of Zen

  1. Oh god. Ben Folds Five wrote their new album FOR ME/ABOUT MY LIFE. It has made me laugh so hard I can’t breathe, cry so hard I can’t sit up, and generally remember why they are the best ever on the planet and I have loved them longer than any other band.

    Them getting back together this year was a completely unexpected surprise, like the universe giving me a little present when I really, really needed it. They have followed me over about 16 years now, and they always make me feel more like myself. It has been so delightful to hear them back on the radio even!

    Also: Fraggles. SERIOUSLY. These are my guys.

    Also, with the music following you (which I find happens to me too), over the past few years, The The’s ‘This is the Day’ has been popping up at critical times. I first heard it in Empire Records and always loved it, but it literally shows up at the most poignant moments, as though I’m actually living in a movie. I really love it, but it also kind of freaks me out. Although it does give that feeling of ‘this is exactly where I’m meant to be’, which is very comforting. (Also, even though Manic Street Preachers recently did a godawful cover of it, it’s always the original that shows up when I need it.) Fantastic 80s video included for your viewing/listening pleasure:

  2. Kate–I’m glad that BF5 got back together just in time to help you out! I know they’ve been your favorite band FOREVER and it’s pretty awesome that they’re here for you again in the thick of it all… It’s also awesome you found an entire album that “speaks” to you. I’ve been finding it more difficult to find a complete work that resonates with me that way. The most recent occurrence of that for me has been The National’s High Violet. That album has carried me through A LOT the past couple years–I also have strong affection for Boxer, too, but High Violet definitely comes out on top.

    You’d probably appreciate this, but another song that followed me EVERYWHERE for awhile was Queen/Bowie’s “Under Pressure.” For at least a year I heard that song during all sorts of crazy, critical moments. It seems like that’s finally fading now, though. Sometimes it’s funny how that song fades out around the same time the situation that was causing it does… 🙂

  3. When i first moved up here and was given your old Pontiac i didn’t realize that would help me in my transition from the Gulf Coast to the East Coast. Of course I knew that I was dropping everything I had and everyone I knew to be with you was the right choice but having your old car with only a tape deck and one double sided mix tape is what really helped to bond me to you and Jersey. Knowing that you had listened to that mix tape before me as I was driving to work everyday made me know you better than I thought I did. I’m pretty sure once we sold the car I kept the tape but I have no idea where it is or honestly what was on it at this late/early hour but maybe you will?

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