One last thought before bed.

There’s a lot I’m not going to miss about having a cat in the apartment. The hairballs are one thing. The incessant meowing when he decides it’s food time is another. The slap, slap, slap in the face when he still thinks it’s food time and I’m dumb enough to believe that it’s still time to sleep. These are not things I particularly love.

But, I will miss the way he will try to fit himself onto the same couch cushion Donnie is on, even though there are 3 other perfectly comfortable ones to choose from, or how he will settle in next to me for the long haul when it comes for some reading, or laptop typing, or TV watching. And OK, maybe I will sort of miss the morning slap, slap, slapping, and even when that slapping turns into biting my snuggie and literally trying to pull me out of bed. Because really, how smart and hilarious is that?

Alright, it’s bedtime now. I have a good feeling about tonight. I think I’ll end up sleeping straight ’til slap time! Weeee!

One thought on “One last thought before bed.

  1. Aww bye Simon! We had so much fun when you were living with SarDon – I’ll miss your funny/creepy stories. Minners – that is such a cat thing, the crying for food. That’s why I never started feeding Dia in the morning because I wanted a living cat, and not a dead cat. When she cries for food and I’m on the phone with someone, people think she’s being tortured, or hasn’t eaten in weeks. It’s ridiculous.

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