Our feelings were caught and stopped that ring; dulls the fire, works ’til they stop singing

Being sick the past few days meant that I’ve pretty much been homebound, which then bled into my normal work-from-home days, which means I’ve spent more time at home the past few days than I probably have in months. It’s been weird, but oddly welcomed, although I could have done without the feverish hell that was Friday through Monday. I’m feeling more or less better now. I think a lot of times illness coincides with life things, and it just seemed that perhaps my body was telling me it was time to rid my body/my life of a lot of different toxins. It was good to be forced to completely stop everything, and just recharge and heal.

And although in some ways, the timing couldn’t be better, the timing couldn’t also be worse. I have so much going on right now. So many projects, so many work things, so many things that I’ve realized I’ve been altogether neglecting that now need my attention. It’s almost dizzying. And I just want to be covered in things made of fleece.

I’m trying to stay focused and take it all in stride, but I will be grateful for when things settle down a bit.

I’m excited about the creative projects I’ve been working on–been working on a lit mag to showcase at the Philly ‘Zine fest coming up this weekend (check out the listing–under I Am Not A Jedi Productions). It’s definitely been a labor of love, but thank God I have wonderful and helpful and talented friends who’ve helped me get it off the ground. There is still much to be done, but I’m feeling good about it…

And from that project, spawned another project that I’m incredibly stoked for. The idea is completely credit to Kate Amann, who initially submitted this as an idea for the Lit Mag. I loved it, but thought it would work better as a “living thing.” I think this could be a brilliant little Internet gem. Let’s hope it takes off.

I also CANNOT WAIT for my upcoming trip to San Fran next weekend. CANNOT WAIT. It will be wonderful to see my best friend and celebrate her 30th birthday with her. I look forward to going to the skeeball bar and eating delicious food and just not being in New Jersey for a little bit. (I still love you, Jersey, but we need some time apart.)

So… that’s it from me. How are you?