Products I Love: Vegan Cuts

Cruelty-free shopping definitely can be tricky, especially if you’re looking for products that are stylish, fashionable, and affordable. I was recently lamenting how difficult it can be to find decent products that are cruelty free without having to sacrifice the specific look and quality I’m seeking.

A friend recently told me about Vegan Cuts, which essentially is Groupon for animal-friendly shopping, founded to help make discovering–and purchasing–new vegan products fun and easy.

According to the website, Vegan Cuts is run by vegan couple John and Jill, who really want to see more people shopping with vegan ethics. As they note, although a commitment to buying vegan food is a great start, they wanted consumers to continue to make a positive difference by choosing vegan options when purchasing clothing, shoes, accessories, body care products, and everyday household items.

As with other shopping community sites, registration for Vegan Cuts is free. Basically, once you visit the site, you’re prompted to sign up and become an official member. From there, you can browse the different products/sales currently taking place and decide if you want to receive e-mail notifications of new sales coming up.

Although there’s definitely some “crunchy” stuff on here (various “raw” snacks and things made with flaxseed, which I just have not been able to get into…), as well as some accessories that clearly put social consciousness before style (seriously, why is it so damn hard to make a great-looking, cruelty-free shoe??), there are a lot of really cool products currently featured that definitely make this site worth checking out.

I especially like John and Jill’s focus to feature spectrum of products for sale–From bath and body to snacks to clothing and accessories, there’s really something for everyone on here, which makes it a good resource for those looking to buy some cruelty-free gifts that fit everyone’s taste.

For those who are looking for tasty Vegan treats, Vegan Cuts is now offering a snack box, which, similar to Eco Emi, is a subscription service for shoppers who are specifically interested products ranging from sweet treats to household fun stuff. Each box includes 5-8 vegan products and subscription services cost $19 a month.

Check out the site and let me know what you think! Is there a certain product for which you’ve been looking for a cruelty-free option?