Progress Coming Soon. But Until Then…

I’m a little behind on things after last week/this weekend’s travels, but I just wanted to put together a little something just to make sure you know that I a) am still alive b) have not once again dropped the ball on this blog! I’ve got lots of ideas to flesh out and songs to share and pictures to post and rants to rant about and even guest bloggers ready to guestily blog! But not right now. Right now I’m still sort of living out of my suitcase and remembering just how much fun my friends and I had making our own rave in the bubble/color wing of the Exploratorium.

This was about the time we started dancing to Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” (Thank you, smartphone)–at least until the kids/their parents started to crowd about, waiting their turn (either that, or they were trying to determine if we were on drugs).

But until then, here is a Moment of Zen-y pic for you to let you know I’m still out there and kicking and I’ll be kickin’ it here again soon (Thanks, Cousin Nick, for the find!).

But anyway–Enough about me. How are you?

2 thoughts on “Progress Coming Soon. But Until Then…

  1. I want to!!! Maybe I can swing another long weekend soon…? Keep your eyes open for another Virgin sale!!! I want to go back to that boutique when I have more time to change back into my clothes between trying outfits on!!! 🙂

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