Shit I like.

There’s a few things that I’ve recently introduced into my life that I’m especially excited about and now I’m taking to the blog to share them with you.

Window to the soul.

I have been trying to find decent mascara for several months now. I’ve been using Maybelline’s pink Great Lash mascara for… well, for just about forever but recently decided to quit my old standby product. There were 2 reasons for this break up:

1. Maybelline is one of the many companies that still tests on animals. I don’t want to support that.
2. Beyond not wanting to support a company that animal tests, it was making me look like a raccoon.

I’ve been in search for a mascara that lasts all day, does not smudge, and does not flake. I visited Ulta about a month and a half ago and talked with a pretty awesome sales associate about the best cruelty-free cosmetics that they offered. She directed my to Smashbox, and told me that she swore by their stuff. Although it was more pricey than what I usually spend on my cosmetics, I bought some of their bionic mascara.

Initially, I was pleased with it–it definitely gave me that “long lash look” I was going for. And while it did last longer than my Maybelline, it still was not smudge proof–in fact, by lunch time I was back to having most of my mascara under my eyes instead of on my lashes. I kept using it though, mainly because I am cheap and did not want to go out and buy a new product after spending good $ on a product that still have life left.

I guess the gods could no longer bare to see my black-brown smudged eyes though, because I ended up losing my mascara at some point in the past couple weeks. I was holding out that it’d show back up but considering the fact I cart my cosmetics around with me in my purse most days, it’s not always easy to retrace my steps. So, after going a week without my Smashbox, I finally broke down and went in search of decent, cheap mascara at Target last weekend.

Finding cruelty free at Target is easier said than done. Unfortunately, a lot of the lower end/most recognizable drug store brands are big into testing, so it took me awhile to find something cruelty free. I was excited when I saw  the “does not test on animals” on the Sonia Kashuk line’s packaging. This seemed to be one of the most promising options because the products looked pretty high quality while also being affordable. I grabbed a bronzer kit for $20 and the lashify mascara (I’m not sure if this is “waterproof” or not, but based on the Target website, it looks like this particular style is supposed to be waterproof too) for $6.99.

I used it almost immediately and was really impressed. The product comes with a lash brush to help with clumping, an issue I often have to deal with my mascara, but I have not had that issue once in the week and a half I’ve been using this. The mascara went on easily, did not clump, and–for the first time in a long while–I did not have to worry about raccoon eyes!

For my male readers, this might seem like a lot of hullabaloo for nothing, but trust me, a good mascara is hard to find. Ladies– pick this shit up, STAT.

The Way to My Heart.

D and I are total cereal snobs whores. We tend to lean heavy on our favorites–Special K with dried strawberries, the Wegmans knock off of the Special K with Strawberries, and various other cereals with delicious, semi-healthy clusters of goodness thrown in. I’ve been trying to find healthier options recently to little or no fanfare. I mean, usually regardless of how much we might not love something, we usually finish the box, but I finally found D’s limit when I brought  home some made-with-flax-and-tasted-like-paper stuff a few months ago.

Since then, I’ve tried to consciously find things that were healthy, but couldn’t be too bad, even if they weren’t the best cereal we’ve tried.

I really lucked out with Kashi’s Heart to Heart, warm cinnamon flavored. This shit is pretty tasty and good for you, too! Call me 5, but I’m also a huge proponent and cereal that has fun shapes and what can be better (or drive home the product name any more) than all of the wonderful little whole grain tidbits shaped as itty bitty little hearts? For name brands stuff, this is fairly reasonably priced (I don’t remember exactly how much offhand, but I’m pretty sure it was under $4) and it doesn’t take a ton to fill you up… I’ve been using this to ease my way into using coconut milk (jury is still out on that, but it’s chock full of good-for-you stuff, too!).

Seeing Things as They Really Are.

Donnie and I’s new not-so-guilty pleasure is Undercover Boss. Neither of us are really all about reality shows (Donnie definitely less so than me…), but this is one of those shows that doesn’t make us hate all of humanity after watching. A new favorite tradition has been making dinner and settling in front of the TV to watch the next recorded episode. I pride myself on being a pretty cynical person, but truth is, I like a good, happy tearjerker as much as the next person and this show definitely delivers. Granted, after a few episodes, we’re beginning to catch on to the show’s formula and are starting to mock the emotional cues, but that doesn’t mean a few tears aren’t being shed in the process (speaking for myself… I won’t reveal if D’s teared up or not ;)). Who knows–maybe this will turn out to be another Jon & Kate fiasco, but for now, I’m just grateful there’s a “reality show” that doesn’t make me feel dirty, disgusted, or completely heartbroken over humanity…

So yeah, that’s the current list of shit I like. Hopefully you might like it, too…

If there’s anything out there that you think is worth mentioning, post a comment so I can ch-ch-check it out!

4 thoughts on “Shit I like.

  1. Oh, totally!
    If you’re liking that Kashi cereal, then go immediately and buy Go Lean Crisp, toasted berry crumble. I guarantee you will like it.
    Also try Blue Diamond Almond Milk. It’s literally made from almonds, has the consistency of maybe 2% or whole milk and has a mildly almond flavor. Deeelish! I’ve been buying it as a treat for myself:) Great in oatmeal too. Oh, I get original flavor, but there’s vanilla too, I think.

    One more thing, if you’re not already, buy your cereal at Target. Best prices and they carry Kashi.

    I’ll be waiting for the post about the other — more pragmatic — products I recommended to you! LOL

  2. Ahh I loooove Undercover Boss! I cry every time too haha! Such a sap. For cereals, me and Ian are big on Joe’s O’s from Trader Joe’s – I love the Honey Nut O’s best. Yummm. And I’ll have to try that mascara because mine always runs too 🙁 wah wahn.

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