Smím prosit?

I have been aggravating delighting my Facebook friends with my random status updates posting messages in Czech.  I know it’s silly and maybe just a teensy bit obnoxious, but I can’t help it! Lara, Kate, and I have officially (well, sans buying the plane ticket, which will happen post-payday) confirmed our trip plans: we’ll be going to Berlin, Prague, and Budapest!!

I’m really excited for the trip and for the planning. I’m trying to hold off on looking up itinerary stuff until after I get my ticket (for whatever reason, I don’t want to completely believe this is happening until I see that huge, gaping hole in my bank account). But then, all bets are off! I found the perfect book for the occasion, and I look forward to this long holiday weekend where I can settle in to a comfy chair at Barnes and Noble with my trusty laptop,  free wifi, a red velvet cupcake and begin poring through this wonderful little guidebook (I already skimmed it this weekend when D and I stopped in at the Borders in Center City to regroup mid city-wide wander).

This coupled with some other good news has given me some much-needed optimism:

I got an email today informing me the first round of our Petco Foundation application was accepted, which means we’re another step closer to getting our foster buns in the Cherry Hill Petco!

Also, for better or worse, I’ve finally completed my latest writing contest submission. It took several weeks and three drafts, but I think it’s finally at a place I’m OK with. I don’t know if it will win, but I’m at least proud of how far it’s come through my revision (and through the revisions of my many friends who provided feedback!).

So, I’m feeling good today. Let’s hope this will carry in to the rest of the week…