snow day, muthafuckas.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or don’t care much for East Coast weather patterns in the United States, you probably have already heard all about the intense snow that DC/DE/PA/NJ received Friday and Saturday. Being coined “Snowmageddon,” by the Facebook kids (or Obama… not sure which), it definitely lived up to its name. When it was all said and done, we had a solid 2 feet of snow waiting shoveled out of our parking spots.

(And before I could even recap the wonder of that storm, another one settled in Tuesday night going into Wednesday… which left me here, once again, showered, back in pjs, hot chocolate & baileys in hand).

Although I hate the aftermath of the snow (having to dig my car out, having to figure out suitable outfits/shoes when knowing I will battle poorly paved parking lots), I LOVE the actual snowfall. I love knowing that for a day or a weekend, I have no choice but to stay inside all day and read and eat and sleep and watch movies. On snow days, all bets are off–all rules suspended. Feel like drinking at 9 a.m.? What’s stopping you? Want to eat every 2 hours? Why not? Feel like showering to simply put on a fresh pair of pajamas? What else would one be wearing on such a day??

So, being that I waited too long to finish this blog, here at least is a recap of the first storm:

Even though I could have left as early as noon on Friday, I stuck around to get some things settled at work so Monday wouldn’t totally be overwhelming. Having already loaded up at the grocery store the night before, I didn’t have to worry about having enough supplies to get us through the next few days. The only thing I really needed to worry about was getting home before Donnie, so I would be able to intercept the weekend’s pièce de résistance (also his early V-day gift):

The gift that keeps on giving... 10 lbs of crawfish, overnighted from Louisiana!

A few years back, we had found the Louisiana Crawfish Company when we were planning a end-of-summer crawfish boil. The site is awesome: they ship crawfish (live or boiled, your choice… I opted for boiled) all over the country. This time around I had only ordered the 10 lbs of crawfish, but in the special notes section, I wrote WHO DAT. I don’t know if it was a mistake or a nod to my Saints shout out, but when the package showed up, they had given us the fixins’ for the party pack–Saints mardi gras beads, the seasonings for a boil, and a fleur de lis beer coozy. Being one who loves free things, this totally made my day!!

Donnie’s surprise went off without a hitch and even more perfect, the package his mom and sister put together with Saints/Mardi Gras related goodies showed up the same day! Coming from running some errands, Donnie did not quite register the clue on our kitchen counter:

Once he realized this was an actual crawdad and not some weird/cutesy figurine, he could not hide his excitement/surprise. Then, as a perfect follow up, he open the package from him mom and sister that included Saints mugs, championship shirts, and fun mardi gras-themed goodies.

Donnie had brought home our favorite delivery pizza treat: Peace of Pizza’s White Pizza. Seriously, this shit is crack. It’s made with “a harmony of crème fraiche, ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, seasoned with garlic,” as per the website and harmonious it is. Sadly my cold was still working its way out of my system so I didn’t eat as much as I usually would (being that I could barely taste it), but that at least guaranteed some tasty leftovers for later in the weekend!

Friday evening and all day Saturday proved to be perfect for reading, lounging, watching movies and catching up on some of the shows we follow, and random napping. As my earlier posts indicate, I finished 4 books (I haven’t posted a review of Middlesex yet…), plus we caught up on Big Love (I’m getting tired of Bill Paxton’s emotional revelations and speeches…), watched some Burn Notice (I didn’t watch last season, but I’m enjoying it again), Creation (BBC flick about Darwin–it was OK, but nothing wonderful), and snacked on edamame hummus and nachos. We did not leave the house at all and judge the snowfall based on how big the piles were on our neighbors’ desk furniture 2 stories below. The bunnies totally followed suit and mainly slept or followed us around, looking for food (then again, I guess that’s what they usually do ;)) It was just so so so nice to feel no obligations and to just totally stop and relax. There were a few fun things planned for that weekend that I was sad to miss out on, but it was also really wonderful to not feel like I am constantly on some sort of schedule.

Sunday had a bit more cohesion, mainly because we knew that we had to finally had to face the insanity blocking in our cars. This actually went much better than I expected (I learned later that the real fun would come today when I finally cleared my car out from the 2nd winter blast) and we were able to clear off both cars in an hour with one crappy shovel from the complex (I shouldn’t complain– at least they had shovels available!) After that we came in, showered, and started to work on cleaning up the apartment. Once laundry, vacuuming, cage cleaning, and the like was handled, it was time to focus on the crawdads. Because they were pre-cooked, it wasn’t too much of a production, but I was nervous about actually having to cook/eat them inside the apartment. Usually crawdad eating is an outdoor activity so you can layer a picnic bench with newspaper and go buck wild. I was fearing the carnage and the smell of 10 lbs of crawfish in our 2 bedroom apartment.

Fortunately, the whole event went on without a hitch. Being that we don’t have a kitchen table (we have have countertop eating that we’ve never used…), we just cleared off the coffee table and threw down about 2 newspapers worth of paper to completely cover and triple cover the surface. Once he finished re-boiling the crawfish with the cajun seasoning, onions, and whole potatoes, D put half the crawfish in a large bowl on the table and then set an even bigger empty bowl next to it. That way we could toss the trash in there instead of leaving it on the newspaper. The potatoes got their own dish and I took the liberty of making piles of clean paper towels so we didn’t have to rip them off when our fingers were dirty. For about 2 hours, we were all working together in unison to create a mess free, good-ol’-fashion crawfish boil experience. We were a cajun crawdad machine.

I guess in retrospect it was silly to assume there would be leftovers. Even though 10 lbs sounds like a lot, the amount of meat you actually get from a crawdad is limited. They’re essentially like mini lobsters– all the meat is in the tail. So, maybe altogether for the 10 lbs of crawfish there was actually… 2 1/2 pounds of meat? If that. Whatever. Maybe it’s just justification. Bottom line: we had no leftovers.

So, after the ridiculous crustacean consumption, we settled in to watch the Superbowl. It was nice to actually be cheering for the same team for once, and what a game to be cheering for the Saints. I haven’t really cared about a Superbowl in awhile (being an Eagles fan will do that to you…), but this one was definitely worth the over-the-top pre and postgame commentary and the subpar beer and boobs commercials. WHO DAT NATION, REPRESENT!