Snow Daze.

Pardon me as I join in on the collective sigh of East Coasters as we watch our world once again disappear under a blanket of white. Yes, folks, it’s snowing. Again.

I guess I shouldn’t really complain–I was scheduled to work from home today anyway, so I thankfully wasn’t among the many who had to scramble to get home when the storm started late this morning. And it was definitely nice to watch the flakes pile up outside while I worked, but another major storm meant more appointments and plans had to be rearranged, more things I wanted to do outside the house needed to be halted, or shuffled around. And that has left me feeling agitated, wishing a little harder for spring.

But there’s a bright side to everything, right? Today, when I went outside to give the steps a quick once-over, and to shake out the bunny’s towels, I noticed that perfectly intact snowflakes were collecting on my jacket and scarf. I’ve only seen this once before–a few months ago when I was in Iceland. We visited a geyser and scattered along the ground were tiny little perfect snowflakes. I marveled at them for a long time, never seeing anything like that, and certain I probably wouldn’t ever again. Fast forward 2 months later, in my own backyard in New Jersey. I wish the camera on the phone could have picked up the details of each a little more clearly, because they were so beautifully intricate, but this still makes for a lovely snapshot.

And despite feeling “off” because I’m not able to do the things I was hoping to do today, I’m trying to focus on some other things that inspire forward motion–actually writing a blog post, for instance, and trying to make some arrangements for my upcoming trip. I’m also going to try to look into a residency program I’ve been kind of drooling over for the past few months.

So, alright, snow–you’ve made me shift my focus, but I’m still looking straight ahead.

So, friend–what did you do on your snow day?


One thought on “Snow Daze.

  1. I’d like a snow day. Until then I’ll just console myself with the 70 degree weather we’re experiencing here in January 😉 xoxo

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