So long to the holidays…So long.

Well, folks– it’s officially over: Christmas, New Year’s, 2012. Back to normalcy and  patiently waiting for the cold, dark days to get longer.

It’s honestly hard to believe that New Year’s just happened this week–with Christmas already disassembled at the house, and with the desperation for routine to be re-established, I kind of feel like I’ve been operating post-holidays for weeks now.

I guess then I shouldn’t be so hard on myself for not being motivated to do much of anything beyond the things that need to be done. But there is just so much to be done–so many things I want to do with the blog and other writing projects, so much personal bettering and reading and general living and life figuring out I would like/need to do, but the past couple nights have been spent in my pajamas on the couch.

Typing this out, I realize I’m being a bit hard on myself. It’s been 2 nights, and before that, it’s been New Year’s and Christmas and all of the insanity that was December. But I haven’t felt this wiped out in a while, and in a lot of ways, I didn’t even really go “big” on Christmas this year–I didn’t set foot in a Kohl’s ONCE from Black Friday ’til now, and only ventured to the mall the day after Christmas (and that was only to rummage through plastic bins of discounted underwear with the other college-educated women surrounding me and then attempt to buy fancy, overpriced soap that was on sale for a still-overpriced amount).

I guess you can currently color me as suffering from the Winter Blues, although I’m hopeful this is a temporary storm front that will be passing soon. There is much to get excited for and be hopeful about, so fingers crossed I get motivated again soon.

Until then, I might just have to watch Love Actually one more time to hold on to a little bit more of that holiday hopefulness…



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