Some days you’re the spit; some days you’re the sidewalk…

Today I’m totally the sidewalk.

I don’t want to get into it too much or complain, but there are definitely some important things I’ve learned the past couple days or, better yet, some things I’ve known but I needed that little reminder about:

1. There are certain people in this world I just don’t want to be like. I don’t like how they act; I don’t like how they go about things to get what they want.

2. If you’re involved in business of any kind, having a paper trail is key.

3. There are a lot of things in life that just don’t mean shit in the grand scheme of things. Sometimes you’re better off knowing this; sometimes having to deal with said things are even more unbearable when you do know this…


In other news, Matilda left tonight. I wish I could say I just feel sad, but I begrudgingly admit I just don’t feel right about it. I’m sure she’ll be fine and maybe I was just being too judgmental because of my own emotional attachment, but it kind of freaked me out when the adopter (or the mother of the adopter) asked me what “the deal is with the food” since they first got their rabbit from 4H and the brilliant minds there told her that rabbits exclusively get pellets and everything else is like “candy” to them (OMG–WHAT?!?!?!). Now I fear that Tildy is going to be eating feed for the rest of her life, getting fat in a cage.

I know that’s not how it is… I mean, they brought me their camera to show me the 3 story house she’ll have and they’ve been building an outside area that they can go out and play in when it’s nice (supervised and not left overnight. Yeah, I checked). I told Donnie if this doesn’t work out and she comes back to the rescue we’re keeping her. And he told me flat out “no.” I told him it was him or her. He gave me the look and walked away.


While we ate our frozen pesto pizza, silent in front of the TV, I turned around and asked him,

“Do you think she’ll remember us?”

Donnie looked at me, dead in the eye:

“Of course not; she’s a rabbit.”

And you know what? He’s probably right…


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  1. She will miss you! I think that animals know more than we think they do. xoxo sending you hugs!

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