The Black Death and other things I’d like to get off/out of my chest

I was really excited/proud of the gung-ho-ness I’ve already had for this blog. I figured out how to buy the domain, DL wordpress, and actually USE it. Beyond that, I have so many ideas for blog topics for the days when regular life just wasn’t cutting the mustard.

And then I got sick.

For those of you who know me well, this will not surprise you.  It would seem that I’m always sick, and oftentimes it’s with something strange, long-term, or fairly serious. Last year I had 5 trips to the ER. However, I’ve been doing much better in recent months and really thought I could pull through this winter unscathed, but winter had other plans for me.

Like many things, I blame this on Donnie. On a daily basis, Donnie has way more human interaction than I do and I guess his hopeless romantic side feels compelled to take a little bit of them home with him every day, lest he will forget them. He came down with The Illness earlier in the week and I responded the way a good wifey should: running to the store, picking up the Gingerale and the oj, making a pretty kickass vegetable barley soup, even letting him borrow my neti pot (it’s not gross to do that ’cause we’re married).

In return, Donnie snuggled close to me for comfort, letting his germs infect me next with The Illness.

I don’t know where this I-know-it-doesn’t-logistically-make-sense-but-I-still-believe-it-anyway truth comes from, but a part of me thinks that once you pass your sickness on to the next person, you start to feel better. It’s like a  “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” gentlemen’s handshake with whatever virus decided to set up shop in your organs. This belief was validated when I started to get sick and D got better, so I don’t know– maybe I’m on to something, scientists.

The fact that I have not been able decently sleep in the past few months has not really helped. At all. The night before last was a total horror show and even though I was begging for sleep at 9 p.m., I could not even get half-assed sleep to come until 1 a.m. I think I probably could have fought this off had my immune system not been so run down from my weird sleep/lack of sleep habits.

Yesterday morning felt nightmarish. I’m not really even sure how I was able to wake up, shower, and get myself presentably dressed.  But I did, damnit. I got in a little late, but stuck it out and got the work done I needed, pushing along until about 4 p.m. Then I got the A-OK to leave early and made my way to the grocery store to get the necessary supplies to begin Operation Get Better Now. I went to Wegmans to collect the items I need to make my kickass Barley Soup and some melatonin, on the recommendation of a friend who said it would help with my sleep.

If you thought that a grocery store the night before a huge snowstorm is not the best place to be, you are right. Couple that with the weightlessness I was feeling in my head and the dull ache that was throbbing throughout my body (not to mention the sore throat and snotty nose) and you can imagine how this trip went down. Fortunately I got out of there without being run over or killing anyone myself, but my patience was definitely tried. Many times. (Especially by you, biotch with the babypack, absently strolling along with your huge cart, chatting on your handsfree phone. Ihateyou.)

I debated just drugging myself and passing right when I got home, but there were obligations to be met. I fed the buns. I made more soup. Then I took the melatonin. I used the neti pot, twice for each nostril. Then I killed the bottle of NyQuil we had in the medicine cabinet (I wasn’t taking any chances). I stayed awake long enough to watch Community & Parks & Rec, but it was lights out before The Office theme song even started.

Donnie said the noises that were coming from me were incredible. Limited breathing capability through my nose, some natural sleep/allergy remedying, plus some good ol’ fashion overdosing on over-the-counter drugs created on hell of a sound show, I’m sure.

I pretty much slept straight through the night, waking up once or twice briefly to blow my nose or groggily register my surroundings. I had weird dreams. One included being on the highway, stuck behind a huge accident. These guys were dragging this cop to the ambulance in front of me who looked like Jesus hanging on a cross with no cross. I shouted that they should be careful, that they’d hurt him worse by dragging him like that and they shouted back it didn’t matter. He was already dead.

The other dream I had involved my mother. I don’t really remember the premise, but we were in this weird cave-like place on some sort of spiritual retreat (I think?). We were walking through this one area and there was this yellow book with an orange sun on the cover that said, “Dream Dictionary for Tarot Card Readers.” Some woman was urging me to buy it.

I woke up feeling much better today, although I know I still have a long way to go. This snow storm is the perfect excuse to stay in all weekend, reading, and cooking, and eating, and watching some movies. Although I’m bummed that some of our plans are falling through, I’m also super excited that we can just do nothing.

I gotta admit, I’m also pretty excited to watch the Superbowl (we were going to be missing it because we had Broadway tickets to Marry Poppins). Since dating Donnie, I’ve slowly been converted into a Saints fan (it’s the only NFL team we both can agree on) and I admit to having some “Who Dat” fever. I don’t care if a lot of the hype surrounding them in sociopolitical– they’re a damn good team with a good story. I’ve heard people say how this is a lame way to skirt the fact that the people of New Orleans were not properly cared for/compensated post-Katrina and that this hoopla is a smoke and mirrors  to distract from that fact.

(It’s hard to believe there are more jaded people out there than me!)

I get the point that’s being made, but seriously? I really don’t get why everything has to be politicized. It is a football game and the team, which happens to be from New Orleans, a town which happened to be devastated by a natural disaster 5 years ago, is in it. And they are excited for it. More than 9 million people watched the game in New Orleans, and I bet it wasn’t with a bitter thought in their heart.

We have to be mindful of the pain and problems that New Orleans has seen, but we also have to get the fact that they also want to move beyond it. They want to celebrate the happy times and not always have to do so under the cloud of Katrina. There is a time to grieve, a time to reflect, a time for us to think of all the things that still need to be done in New Orleans. But right now, well, this is a time to just enjoy a game and hope that the Who Dat nation finally has their day.

who dat

Let's hope the NFL doesn't shut this blog down...